Sticking with Jenny, this is a novel interpretation

So what Plato did was already happening with Homer himself. The Odyssean Zeus responds to the mortals of the Iliad. Where and how did the dialectic begin, that’s what I want to know. It’s not at the quarrel between Plato and Homer, it’s at the one between the two epics. What led the west to being considered as first world? One of the main answers to that is the dynamism of the Greeks that the Christians to some degree appropriated. Some scholars throughout history have actually wondered if there were two writers behind the two epics. If we had only had an Iliad, we might not have had a Socrates, and thus might have remained a pre-scientific civilization. Just getting the details of how our collective mind developed. It wasn’t just because of a war story, it was also about returning home after war. Throughout the Odyssey is the awareness of the fate of Agamemnon, Clytemnestra, and Orestes. Penelope is a proto “Idea” that anticipated Mary. Circe and Calypso are “Ideas” too. Odysseus’s journey must be where Aristotle’s talk of “telos” originated. It was in art before it was formulated rationally. And of course I’m having these types of thoughts while reading Strauss’s daughter – he wouldn’t provoke these. His life was an odyssey toward the good and the true, he was a Platonist, not a Homeric. Philosophy is kind of like a war and an odyssey home- all the different conflicting ideas and being able to stay close enough to the ordinary. Philosophy is never-ending war to me. Like I’ve cynically said many times, most prefer Penelope to philosophy. Maybe the Odyssey can be interpreted as the “settled religion” side of Homer. Here’s when people are going to hate me- I feel like Helen represents whoredom and Troy represents the kikes. And no one wants to fight. Just let the whores and kikes do whatever you coward. Another character from the epics they remind me of is the swineherd Eumaeus. You run a pig farm instead of going to war. Do the gods look upon someone like that favorably? Who can speak for Zeus? I can use my imagination what he might think about you lot, all of you. Aimless odysseys is the consequence of doing nothing. Are you enjoying it? Wandering with no purpose in the modern world? The west is indeed in purgatory. Speaking of happiness, the cows can’t even have their form of happiness in these conditions. No one willing to battle, and no Penelopes worth making an odyssey for. These people are far from what I would describe as “epic”. Just a world of sophists, if we draw a parallel to the post-odyssean Greece. Why do people want a world like this, I really wonder.

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