This is epic

In “Odysseus’ Scar”, Auerbach compares two ancient epic texts, the Homeric heroic poems and the Old Testament, “and the two styles they embody, in order to reach a starting point for an investigation into the literary representation of reality in European culture”

It’s so easy to knock Homer. The slaughter of the maids at the end of the Odyssey is repugnant to anyone for instance. Homer is the easy way to understand the Greeks. It’s probably not a coincidence that we think of the Simpsons when we hear his name. That’s probably an intentional psyop, if I were to be a conspiracist. Because Everyperson can understand the Greek epics, and not everyone can understand the Greek thinkers. So they eliminate the simplistic way of understanding the Greeks from the get-go with that cartoon. You know that Homer is kind of a proto-Nazi, right? Speaking of psyops, think of this name- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Alexander the Great, Cortés the Spanish conquistador who toppled the Aztec empire. They use these types against any kind of “Greek cause” which is really a white cause at the end of the day. “Cultural appropriation.” They would have been too scared to make him Plato Simpson, they prefer people simply don’t know about him. I happen to like the spirit of Achilles – his name even has the word “kill” in it, what’s not to like? Other psyops- they make you remember the “heel” above all, similar with Napoleon how most people are only taught about the Napoleon complex. This is how they eliminate anyone who might challenge them. Or think of the Habsburg jaw. “Anyone who disagrees with us is saying ‘D’oh!’ while having a flawed heel, and being short with a deformed jaw.” Hitler killed himself- speaks for itself. There are Ideas of these historical figures that they only want you to understand their Image of. I see through those and I quite like all these different ones. They try to make Nietzsche into a thinker of perspectivism, i.e. relativism, that’s another prominent one. If you’re not a lazy person and actually care about things, the fate of the world, etc. then it’s easy to see through all of this. And that can’t be said of many people. They are steeped in pseudo-heroes as found in Hollywood movies. No, there were real heroes in history who we can learn from, and they don’t want you to know about their true essence. Both literary and actual people. The main one, which I was implying initially, is probably Socrates. He is the absolute destruction of any order you bring him to. Ajax wielded a sword, so what, what is that kitchen cleaner? Jesus wielded a sword, so what, isn’t he the champion of “loving others” of world history? That’s not what we need right now. How about Socratics who up and decide to kill a bunch of people, that’s what I’d like to see. No, you’d rather defend the kikes and the whores instead. Really great people there. No truth or goodness in the world when merchant totalitarians control it, no love in the world when “free prostitutes” is the norm. Tell me what the point of life is. If you take away the meanings of life why would I not want to chop people’s heads off? Looking at it more abstractly, that’s what they definitely don’t want you to do- to be Socratic so as to invoke Achilles. You want to have a “philosophical dialogue”? Why do your lives matter? Why am I able to imagine murdering 10 million people and it brings a smile to my face? I don’t think your lives matter. Merchants, whores, cowards, all in denial of what they are. The world would objectively be better if we used your blood as fertilizer for farms. What does ANYONE have to look forward to in life? Being a shill for THESE people?

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