In the Fortin mode today of feeling like a theologian who admires the Greeks, with awareness of the modesty of human nature. I try to be honest with you people, I talk about laughing to the point of tears- when I think of Socrates sometimes it isn’t laughter with those tears. That is a truly tragic phenomenon that is apparent in the present day. You always kill him, when he was telling the truth. If you’re too callous to understand that then you’re probably one of the hemlockers. “Yes, that’s ME!” You can’t deal with people asking you a question…? I just see it as the victory of vice, it’s very sad. People who can’t think outside of the ordinary religion hate people who can. They create ways to justify themselves. The New Testament itself is a way of hemlocking Socrates. Humans are too modest to understand anything else so we might as well create a story about the story of Socrates. Who IS he anyway? You’d have to take the time to see him talk, in a way you don’t with newspapers, etc. It’s a controversial statement even in our secular times that Jesus is the pleb religion next to Socrates. Isn’t that a rather unfamiliar name to us, culturally? They all want you to never see what he had to say. They want you to say pleasant things about Jews and niggers because that’s the religion of the present day which Socratics would ask you about. WHO is Socrates? He would probably bring up this kind of stuff if he were alive, I don’t care what the post-hemlock scholarship has to say about him. The types of people who aren’t allowed to be questioned are in the most need of being questioned. “I’m a white jew, I don’t care.” And pretty soon you’ll be a black jew who doesn’t care, because no jew understands Socrates, and people who they want to create who are savages will know even less about what that means. “It’s good to be a savage, question nothing” – that’s the future you chose.

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