Wondering what my farmer ancestors from Europe would have thought about the idea of looking at all of the disciplines of knowledge as one. Probably would look at me like I had two heads.

Still preoccupied with this question

This study centres on the work of four critics for whom the canonical is of distinct importance

One of them is Bloom- I want to see what others of his calibre think of the subject (Frye, Eliot). This are 20th century people, I don’t trust what 21st century people have to say about it. One way of looking at modernity is as adjusting the target to make it easier to hit. I for one want to make it as difficult as possible even if I never make the mark. You’d think people would get bored of life on easymode. They’re still farmer John and Peggy Sue from the old country, except with technology. “I’m wearing clean clothes, isn’t that enough?”

So what are the best books and why, I want to know. I’m not settling for what the literal Yid Bloom has to say. Pale brat says what about Athens and Jerusalem?

Do you want the souls of the youth of the nation to be ugly? Because that’s what you get with this

the multicultural and multi-canonical scene we are facing today

Just because it’s obvious Bloom would be canceled today doesn’t mean he can’t also be canceled from a reactionary direction

What should the programming manual of culture be? This is a question of dire importance. Pound and Eliot weren’t mere “critics”, they were poets themselves. Still, someone like Bloom in contrast with… the Oprah Book Club? There’s the Pale, then there’s–the Congo. I know people disagree with me, that both Types have certain behaviors that call for treating them like children. They can’t give up the old country, they have to bring it here with them. I try to bring the peaks of world civilization to this shabby country. Founded by Jefferson? Who’s that mediocrity? He certainly deserves everyone’s esteem if he led to this. Go back to Mexico before it’s too late!

If you want children to consume the literary equivalent of ramen noodles that’s on you. You probably do that yourself, don’t you? Ramen noodles are actually fine once in a while, if I’m feeling lazy I make those and drop in some frozen veggies. Is that you? With everything you read, every day?

What would you say the main theme is of everything you focus on to read? Could it perhaps be “white man bad”? I have a hunch that’s the case for many people. You mean those ones who created civilization? I wonder what would motivate you to read only that. Are you jealous? Do you feel bad about being born? Those seem like the obvious conclusions. Why should a pitiful person like that decide what children should read? How can someone who’s made of puke have a human form anyway? Wouldn’t you just fall into a puddle of chunks? Gravity is amazing like that. Sour, bitter bile. God must love you if he keeps you in that solid form that allows you to endlessly spew.

Even if you wanted to help developing countries, say, you couldn’t be the way you are. Oprah’s Book Club would not be optimal for their development. You want them to hate beauty like you do, you sorry soul? “I want them to stew in grievance all day like I do.” Got a chip on your shoulder do ya? I’m trying to work it out for you as your chiropractor. Your education made you a hunchback and you want the next generation to be like you. Didn’t you people used to hide inside back in the good old days? The internet allows one to accidentally overhear conversations ordinarily confined to a trailer park or ghetto. One is expected to perceive those as equal in value to what one finds in the Great Books. I’ll leave that to the trailer trash. And the chatterers who are going to die someday aren’t far away from them either.

From 2014 – and it’s gotten a lot worse since then

“all that’s good, and great, and true” was seriously on the wane, to put it mildly. And in many quarters of academia, mention of the name of Yale literary critic Harold Bloom provoked, at the very least, a raised eyebrow and pointed silence. 

Ah this might explain some things about why he occasionally seems like a man of his time

his list is surprisingly inclusive, as well as—for Fruman—surprisingly idiosyncratic. (Bloom later disavowed the list, claiming that his editor insisted on it.)

Even HE was subject to that? So sad.

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