Sometimes I have the thought “Are people worth talking to?” then I remember they’re worthless niggers. You good at basketball nigga? You certainly good at being subordinate to Jews. What is there? I see nothing when I look at you. The conclusion is “It’s a nigger.”

It’s time for basketball and praising Jews for this culture, why don’t you? Just write that sometime, “We love basketball and Jews!” – you won’t because you’re a slave who I think of as less than a human being. “Muh bots make me feel better about being a sell-out to the status quo!” Yeah that further proves you have a nigger nature. Enjoy the basketball. “We have a total monkey looking nigger dribbling in here to respond…”

There’s really no point in talking to subhumans though I’ve learned. They ARE niggers. There’s no consciousness. Only wanting monkeys to continue existing because they can never understand anything else. Haha nigger, nice white skin. Why do you think you have dignity you subhuman? It doesn’t matter, their kids are going back to the stone age because they can’t see through their peasant bias that they exist between the stone age and the modern world. Look at the white nigger in its cage! Not a human, might as well shoot it if we need to. In fact in many cases it would be better for society if they were killed.

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