I don’t know if it was trying to attack me, it was just headed toward me so I thought it was going to attack me, so I attacked it. Ten times taller than me, a jester-looking kind of thing. And it ended up telling me a food recipe, strangely, savory, involving some grain? And then some logos on memory that I don’t remember exactly. I remember that itself though. And I’ve been there before, I think. Who knows how to explain that.

This says a dreaming PhD who kept a detailed dream journal for 50 years

Dream states are by no means mapped according to any paranormal science,

Mystical experiences occur in approximately six different ways. Meditation, entheogen use, dreaming, aesthetic experiences, traumatic events, and “randomly”.

There was almost something, I want to say, mechanical about the genie. There are levels of “divinity” one can experience in dreams and like I said this was a lighter one. It’s possible to have the most extreme experience of God. That was just one of his simulacra I encountered. Why would I attack something like that, it’s a symptom of my typical hubris. Those Greeks were brutes, can’t deny it. It’s almost like the brutishness of Homer led to the direct opposite with the later thinkers.

Anyway, this guy seems to be a seasoned dreamer

In terms of psi-dreaming, as distinct from mythic or mystical dreaming, I distinguish two kinds of psi-perceptions either waking or sleeping: explicit-psi and implicit-psi

He’s a daily meditator too

You forget that sort of thing is possible unless you have a fresh experience of something similar. What mine did was concretely remind me that I’m not kidding around when I talk about “worldliness” and how disgusting most people are. Also admittedly it’s usually a humbling experience too and I realized I’ve been too mean to the miserable creatures. What do you want from me, throughout the pandemic people have shifted to acting more and more like monkeys, want me to say nothing about that? You are brainwashed by the screens into “voluntary” lobotomy. Our culture remains at present in a dialectical backlash against the “wall concept”. Saving the children. Yes, a less rude way of saying it than “monkey” is “more childlike”. You could’ve decided to be more like adults, and the opposite path was collectively chosen. One might argue it’s adult to save the children. No, it’s adult to bring the children to your level and not turn into a child yourself. Trump Derangement Tantrum. Those poor babies, those drug cartels that chop people’s hands, feet, and heads off, gotta save those poor babies. Beyond the appearances, we’re in a phase characterized by the forgiveness of the permanently corrupt African-American. “Jungle morality” is accepted as valid and appropriated by the weepy Christians. Let’s all be like Floyd, you imbeciles. The more accurate term is niggers, I believe. Can you do some hooting for me, you nigger? Oy vey! Oh whoops, wrong sound effect–unless? Call it a science of dehumanization. Are you one of the objects of my study? You should start wearing plant-clothing like some of those tribes, that way you can outwardly reflect your plant-like mind. Point is, if the wall concept was excessive, the current phase is also excessive, and will likely be met with a counter-force eventually. Why would there be a counter-force, you ask? Because when even Latinos are leveled, the consequence is that you have a collection of sorry excuses for human beings, and people will start to recognize that. It’s difficult to get the meaning across- “Vegas” I’ve called it, something reminiscent of a used car salesman? Lies, money, impulse with no thought of tomorrow. That can’t continue forever, you’re going to wake up one day on five different antidepressants surrounded by meaningless people in your life, oh wait they’re already there now! Then, I have to live in a world of people like you. Why can’t I ever encounter a real person and just get away from that world? Cursed existences all around. At least I have the Great Books (I tell myself, coping).

Continuing with the theme of this post though, that dream reminded me of anthropomorphic paradox. It’s different when you only read about paradoxes. When you experience one in humanoid form it leaves more of an impression. It was almost a “taunting” being, I’d say. Somewhat menacing. That’s what we call a trickster entity. It has a secret to tell you, a secret about reality itself. It was smiling and something about its eyes were ever-changing, cycles of letters and numbers were seen. It actually had a platform attached to it that I jumped up on, that way I could look at its face. It’s almost like it knew I would want to attack it at first. I woke up feeling justified in saying that everyone’s souls are sold. Sometimes I doubt it because there are so many of them. There’s some kind of grief and anguish related in their decision to be worldly, which I didn’t see before. They probably want to attack ME at first. That’s a kind of hell you live in when you sell your soul. Some people look up to Odysseus and Socrates- in Weimerica some see fentanyl Floyd the counterfeiter to be a hero. It’s just a sign of the times. I’ve shown ways to shelter yourself from the pluto-demotic forces, and hopefully you have.

Just learning about things the herd doesn’t care about, that’s what I like to do

Again, you have to have had a recent semblance of something like this to even take it seriously at all. Already, that dream of mine from a couple hours ago is fading. Just weird stuff happens when we sleep and we forget about it. What’s eerie is that, as you can see, this study purports to be “serious scholarship”. A PhD in dreaming writing it.

So you get maybe a couple of these a year, and how many would even be remembered?

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