Honestly I haven’t been fair, and I will try to do a post on Jane Austen. I have a chip on my shoulder from the wars I’ve been in over the years, you can call it a grudge, I admit it. So I am going to try to be more objective. Women secretly control the world almost as much as the Jews, so I try to tell them what I think about them. And I don’t really like the world very much. When people think of a female novelist they tend to think of Jane Austen. “You’ll never redeem yourself!” I’m just trying to be objective, I don’t care about redemption in the eyes of you creatures. This will be a challenge to me, and I will put in effort. I always wanted to understand better anyway why Strauss said that her works reminded him of the ancient world in their “noble reserve and quiet grandeur”.

Which one of these do you prefer?

Because I can be a nice cat that you can pet, if you deserve it. People just piss me off usually so I’m not a nice person.

Like I’ve said before, you can’t trust anyone these days when they praise women or POC. And you know that if I praise one randomly then I must be doing because I actually mean it. Do you want to live in that world where people praise you just because of what you are and not what you did?

You know how I do the thing where I try to get into the mind of people from past ages? Austen is a way women can do that kind of thing. If you’re not happy with the modern world you can use her books to get some idea of what life was like a couple hundred years ago. You might prefer that way. I never would have expected preferring the way many thought in the 19th century. You’ve seen that I even identify with people from over 2500 years ago! Just because some of us have been educated to be a certain way doesn’t mean that they truly educated who we really are. You can’t change that with some people. I find people I like more in older times, maybe you’re similar? Obviously I have my own cynical views about Austen- she at least gives you some kind of outsider’s view from a woman’s perspective. It’s a lot better for the soul than that kind of smut that I see on z-library all the time. Better hurry up before they remove Austen from the Great Books list next. Try to read her not through a modern lens, see her for who she is, don’t think of her as a “grandma” or something.

Think I’m not sensitive enough to appreciate something like this?

Too bad no one will ever hear that from me!

Don’t worry, she rejects him anyway.

At least here. You’d have to read the novel yourself.

Speaking of cross-disciplines, I can’t say this is my favorite one to muse on.

People only like when I’m being a monster anyway. This kind of author definitely takes me outside of myself, maybe more than when I try to understand the poets. “I’ll leave that genre to the women!” There’s no redemption possible for me anyway right? I’m Gulag Satan and that’s the end of the story. Who would yearn to have someone like that’s “love and admiration”, I can’t imagine, can’t be anyone. Honestly it seems women just wish I would recognize them as equals. And since I never do they feel vengeful. Right, I guess you want people praising you just because you’re a woman.

I’ve definitely hurt some women in my life, that’s true

The high moral import of the novel lies in the fact that the union of styles is accomplished without injury to either lover.

The union of styles… I feel like my philosophies will always be slightly off if I don’t have that with someone. The problem is, with my particular style you’re probably not going to get away without injury. It’s mutually sadomasochistic, people like to return the favor to me too. I’m sure some will want to chop my balls off for this very post in fact. I can’t love and admire that, and I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not. At least I put myself out there. That’s what mean about women controlling the world- people tend to be too afraid of them to say anything against them. This has probably been a messed up journey for everyone involved, and I kind of like that, because at least we haven’t remained at dull status quo reality. I mean, you probably did if you’ve been fighting me. At least you weren’t afraid of Socratic examination, even if you remained a conformist at the end of the day.

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