I’m going to continue with Austen simply because her genre makes me uneasy. Plus I doubt there are “jerk” readings of her ahahaha

What must this have been like?

their intrinsic value within a marketplace that expresses their worth as bearers of dowries.

So connected to the family in those days. You were just someone’s daughter.

Is this not a thing these days anyway?

the plight of women who settle for transactional marriages

Settle? Isn’t that what they look for nowadays? I’m not even trying to put a value judgment on that anymore – that just seems to be “how it is”.

If a woman started browbeating me about what “the real meaning” of Austen is I’d probably listen attentively- one of the few cases. If you want people to sugarcoat things for you don’t visit this site alright?

She’s important for like a genealogy of feminism

frustrations that might have been felt by women, like Jane Austen herself, who were less valued because they were not married

“You don’t have to feel less valued for that ra ra ra!” There’s a reason Austen wasn’t forgotten- she still speaks to modern women.

Oh boy, this writer sounds like she has her own personal demons

And as I have told several people, if writing a book is truly akin to childbirth, this “child” would be in middle school by now.

She talks of women who were raised to be proper ladies who never married. Sounds familiar, we just have a different meaning of “proper” today.

These subjects aren’t engaging anyone existentially at all, I know.

So much self-deception, who knows what’s going on in their minds?

Do I try to mess with you every SINGLE line?

It is conceivable.

Huh, Austen published as an anon, didn’t know that. It wasn’t “proper” for her to be writing that way apparently? If there were two things today that aren’t considered proper what would you say those are? Are you a proper lady then for doing what is expected of you?

Kind of like Plath, I inescapably feel like I’m hitting on Austen right now. Do you think you’ll be hit on in 200 years?

Milton ideal for the zoomers, Austen ideal for the women, someone has to say it. When we talk about the Great Books I think it really gets to the core of a lot of the political issues we have today. Feminism means that women don’t want to be someone who is forgotten. That’s why they hate most of those books, because they remind them of how history is seen. And they’re not really part of it, at least visibly so. My question to self-identifying feminists would be What is your noble pursuit? “She was part of the slut tradition of the 21st century.” That statement doesn’t mess with you at all does it? It’s good for people to think of you that way, right?

Federal Reserve cynics will appreciate this

During this tumultuous economic period, gold and silver coins were gradually being replaced with paper notes, and these forms of representative value were not perceived as secure since they were not fully regulated by the government.

Do you feel like potentially worthless paper in these times? I know gold when I see it, that’s for sure, and I don’t see it often. Sure, I’ll take that wheelbarrow of notes in exchange for one chicken, a dozen wheelbarrows for a pig. A gold coin, that’s a different story. Not the kind that can be bent when you bite it either. My “old time readers” are well aware of just how Jewish most women are. Wait a second, am I accusing the anointed ones of creating counterfeit currency? No… I personally don’t think of anyone that way, that’s a Jewish way of seeing the world. People who love wisdom, especially the kind that is outside of state-control, are golden to me. I don’t care if you have a weird mole on your face or something, that’s something I for one find “real beauty” in. I’m not trying to universalize or anything, everyone has their preferred version, some admire “sell outs” for instance, and I’m not going to say anything against them, they’re perfect and beyond reproach, clearly.

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