We’re living in times where they use bots to convince you to accept the worldview of people like Zuckerberg and Jack, and I’m not going to do that. Look who you agree with. What other argument needs to be made? “Our system of bots will convince us Zuckerberg is the good guy.” That might be where you are. I’m not going to be respecting that, you’re part of the anti wall hysterics. So much is contained in that and no one speaks of it. If you ban the cartels, many other types of people are put into question. Proles begin to sympathize with cartels, the ghetto, any kind of questionable person. They don’t want to be questioned themselves. I’ve noticed the Irish in particular are like this, among “whites”. Italians aren’t that great either and I do at least reprimand them, something I don’t see among any other Europeans. I will bring you close to the point of death, and if you die then you were supposed to, that’s how I see it. People who accept the Facebook model of reality are totalitarians who were brainwashed by the internet and I have no sympathy for them, in an ideal world Zuckerberg himself would have been banned from the internet over a decade ago. The people who run the internet are dirtbags themselves, and thus anyone who talks using their neo-gutenberg is judged according to a dirtbag’s standard. I don’t accept that, I see Jack for instance as a sort of castaway waif no one will understand. The Talmudists have talked down to him for many years and he has accepted it. No, the reality is he could fight against them if he wanted and he doesn’t. Thus the future version of him will be a jungle person. Is that an insult? Let’s ask people from the jungle what they think, I’m sure they have an objective response. Crying jews and women, they’re so reliable about saying something free from wince-inducing hysterics. Yet, if you are able to perceive the ironies I allude to here then you might have some idea.

Brown people. I am talking directly to you at the moment. Some have a cognitive split in their psyche, and I lean toward the white side. Why is that, you wonder? If I were modest let’s say I have blue eyes no one is able to look at directly. I saw that one girl a couple years ago say the name “Wagner” for instance, other than that, why do people try to make sure no one knows about any of this. So just imagine we’re in the jungle and I find you there and want to tell you about some things that you don’t hear about from your society.

It’s a betrayal of the browns to entertain any idea of whites creating civilization.

Whites hate this fact so much that they do not want you to read something like this. They want you to read it through a “muddy lens”.

So what is the truth?

I think it’s more simple than you might expect. Being joking about your plight as a brown without any pity. If you’re here then you’re probably sick of whites being “shifty” – yes, both the Jewish and Christian tradition are like that. The Greeks are more direct people. Read their books, see what that’s about. At least the Greeks were real.

“I’m brown and still hate myself.” – Okay this is a difficult psychological case.

Think of Zeus.

Now think of ~YHWH~

There is a perspective above both of these. And if you still align with the JEW demands then you are not beyond them. I am trying to help the divine spark in you escape from them. You have to devote serious study to old books instead of modern brainwash or else you won’t understand any of this. It’s controversial to say- if you want blue eyes in the future then you will have to go above and beyond what is accepted by the herd.

This is my ode to the fact that I find certain “tan” women hot if they know how to be white.

“We need to use our bots to convince ourselves we shouldn’t be white” – this is the mantra of the New Niggers of today.

You don’t have to be like that. Chaucer for instance I don’t know much about, do you have any insightful thoughts about him? Whether brown or white I see not many “human beings” anywhere.

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