I doubt we can understand contemporary fictional characters today without being able to make a statement like this

This is Bloom of course, and he constantly talks like this. Who is more of an Emersonian, in the sense of my earlier post today, than him in that regard?

What do Jewish slaves care about any of this? They’re philistines by design.

Fantasizing about escaping this world of nothingness in denial of itself.

God, how Jane Austen has depressed me. Idealism does that sometimes.

I really would not be happy with a “slampig”. I just imagine meeting someone and her “loving” me after not even knowing me, just seems so false. Makes people seem interchangeable. I need to find a way to lighten up, probably a good start would be putting Austen away. At least the fact that it’s so depressing can make me laugh. You like watching me suffer in real-time? I bet you do. I envy the people who can read that without being depressed. Many people are such extreme Mammonites they’re incapable of recognizing themselves for what they are. Working a zogjob with a blank cog stare, that’s the condition for “love”. Being an outstanding member of the society of frauds. I see why people hate me when I put it this way. Time to find some meaning in that life. The only activity worth doing is destroying this society. The only thing you should be loved for you are instead hated for. No, nothing depressing about that. I missed the memo about how to live in a painting I guess.

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