Nother day with the coons, lucky me. I think Austen really did finally push me over the edge. There’s nothing redeemable about modern people. The only reason they live in the sad world of theirs is through pure self-deception. There’s nothing real to live for. There’s a certain happiness when you escape the plantation, and after that you soon realize you only have people still in there to talk to. Only a meaningless career can be looked forward to, a meaningless spouse, and zogchildren. And you can lap up your dinners every night like a dog at a bowl of alpo. “It’s the new shitentertainment, let’s watch that next!” I’m seeing lots of meaning here without the self-deception involved. The only meaning left is to laugh at these people. And you’re always doing that alone, so is it real meaning? Just another of the cheap thrills. The only meaningful possibility in life is to parody Yahweh by treating him as a child. And everyone lives in his world so you’re never going to have friends. Get you a good slutwife, take some of the pain away. How happy anyone is with someone who is spiritually Jewish is up to them to confess. Bring in the alpo to forget. Let’s absorb in some mindless drivel another day between the alpo. Let’s see what the condensed alpo fart clouds known as human beings have to say about the world today. Lots to find meaningful in life, you just have to look for it. Anyone who says anything against your pathetic life is scapegoated, does that make you happier? I used to laugh, and the sadness hit me today. There isn’t anything funny about meaninglessness. Say what the merchant ~victims~ demand you to say, accept ~love~ from a feminist whore, celebrate how your country is resembling the turd world more every day. That’s what I call meaning! You like your meager lot of a bowl of alpo to get on your hands and knees to lap up so you hate people like me though.

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