Women blame everyone else for not having an attention-span. You can’t understand more than two or three sentences at once, and you hate everyone else for it? Looks like some morons have to confess that they’re retards. Your attention span only allows you to understand gossip you retards! Admit your brain is limited you imbecile. Instead how about you make all of society as stupid as you. Go ahead and show you understand more than a paragraph? You’re a moron. Nigger. I wonder why you would empathize with other niggers? It almost seems like you can’t understand anything besides two sentences because you’re clinically retarded and everyone tries to soothe you about your stupidity. What a nigger. It would be redeemable if they could ever admit how brainless they are and they can’t even do that. All they can do is continue living in a nail salon of stupidity and wanting all of society to be on their level of brainless imbecile.

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