Another day of putting myself in the delusion there’s real meaning in life I guess. In order to disagree you’d have to say something that would exile you from fraudworld, and you won’t, which only proves my point. I’m beginning to think that scientist from the other day who claims we evolved to live in delusion is right.

At least the various contemporary galaxybrains are some solace. Though, which Marxoid to choose from is a question very much akin to which slut to choose from. It’s not my fault for this world, don’t blame me. Relax, you’ll always have eating and fucking to distract from the meaninglessness, and don’t forget inane conversation and the purchase of products. I’m sure there’s joy involved in taking a little future zogslave to a playground or something too. By the way, which can of alpo did you end up wolfing down last night without use of your hands? Did that bring you momentary “contentment”? Did you lick yourself afterward? You aren’t even allowed to interpret theology freely- let me know where meaning can be found in life in light of that. You’re only allowed a sort of half-meaning. A zogslave might as well have the consciousness of a blowup doll so after your alpo you get to fall asleep squeezing one of those.

After being bored to death looking through books by and on Agamben I randomly see a recent one by a legit scholar Julian Young on German philosophy

The first half of the book is on thinkers of the left, second half thinkers of the right, and it looks like his chapter on Strauss is in critique-mode which you don’t see often

Don’t worry, all these great minds are wrong

For all my seven thinkers, as for all the figures discussed in [volume 1], ‘decline’ – the word made famous by Spengler (chapter 4) – is the keynote of modernity.

The meaninglessness of the modern world is all part of my imagination and I’m a ~pessimist~.

Theoretically, one could possibly (not likely) carve out some meaning with a special someone, both ketman-experts. The chances that both are mere instantiations of the egregore are very high indeed. And it’s a delusion to find that meaningful. People who are nails on a chalkboard tend to be able to “love” each other quite easily.

This gives me hoap at least

Julian Young must be on a similar thought-channel as me if he’s writing about all this- that’s what happens when neech and Heidegger are so close to you. Scholars like him won’t speak concretely about the modern world like I do above, though I suspect they might think it.

do any of my seven critics of liberal democracy offer a viable alternative to it?

See how this makes someone like Harold Bloom look like a rather trivial writer? That’s the power of political philosophy. In all fairness though, what better thing to do in a declining empire than study art?

I was wondering about this the other day – it is itself a symptom of decline

No attentive reader could be in any doubt as to his central theses – which perhaps explains the virtual non-existence of the ‘Spengler scholar’.

He was too right, and this is where we are a century after he wrote

there will be a return to a ‘pre-cultural’ condition.

The apes humiliate themselves everyday clinging to their pre-culture as if it’s the definition of culture.

“So what’s the resolution?” There is no resolution, there is only meaninglessness that you pretend is something else. You can have your dim-meaning, that’s about it. Alpo you eat without hands and a blowup doll–IF you’re lucky. All whilst walking around with a ball and chain, and lying 24/7.

Really a mystery why there are no Spengler scholars

the decay of Western culture into ‘civilisation’

The thorough bureaucratization of not only careers, friendship and love too–we are at that nadir. The top of everyone’s brains where the freedom is has been removed. The main concern in our regime is wealth so one can afford alpo and a blowup doll. It’s easy to be fooled by the appearances of being civilized people etch as a facade to hide that. Take your little future zogslave to the playground and have “joy” and forget about all this.

At least people like Young exist, there IS that

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