Ahh I love the Sinonet

Until today in the 21st century, the phenomenon of the decline of human society predicted in the book is not only proven in the West today, but also in other parts of the world that are now westernized.

There ARE Spengler scholars in China.

I thought it “was just me” the other day when I couldn’t find much secondary lit on him.

They were already reading him there in the 1920s.

In nearly a century, Spengler has forged an indissoluble bond with the Chinese world.

What’s surprising to me is they don’t seem spiteful about it, just matter-of-fact. It’s a scholarly subject that the west is declining.

It’s a “Copernicanism” that can’t be accepted here because those who would be the ones to do the accepting are the very ones in a declined state. Think of how Bloom got that note that accused him of violence against women for teaching the Great Books. You know you’re in a “declined state” if you are in denial that that’s a bad sign for society when someone like him is now canceled. Being a prog means to be in denial of Spengler. When we talk about “the decline of the west” we are not talking about something abstract, it’s likely we are talking about YOU personally, how you act and what you believe. These Chinese you can find on the Sinonet have no schadenfreude about it, they talk about it in a detached way as if they’re doctors, presupposing the decline as fact. Keep thinking of it the way people think of “a nice tan”- that itself is symptomatic.

It looks like the Iranians read him too

Spengler predicted that around the year 2000, Western civilization would enter a state of pre-death emergency

Sounds about right, looking at how media has changed over the decades. “Decline art” palpably on the rise since the early 2000s, if not mid-90s.

They’re allergic to all these thinkers of the world

Ah this is helpful, from one of our Muslim brothers, a Khaldunian

“The US is special, it doesn’t exist in a cyclical history! It’s impossible that I represent the decline myself!”

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