Spenglerians will probably appreciate this (since there isn’t much to find on Oswald himself)

Messling considers Amari’s remarkable reading of Ibn Khaldun through Vico

Vico didn’t know about Khaldun, who wrote 300 years before him. Resources on Khaldun and Vico if this is your cup of tea.

Let me give you a hint about the relevance of these thinkers

“You only had to listen.”

Not like any of our journalists are going to be writing about cyclical history. Thinking about a mainstream movie being made about that subject just makes me laugh.

The problem with even talking about this is that it takes place within a phase, within a cycle itself. I’ve casually termed it the “dumb pig fate”. You try to warn them that it can get even worse, and then you realize who you’re talking to, i.e. what phase of the cycle you’re speaking in. Only at the high point of the cycles can the cycles themselves be clearly understood.

The few who understand cyclicism today are more similar in nature to this Russian journalist from the 1840s than they are to their contemporaries

explaining the reasons for Vico being poorly studied and understood, for his, in Maykov’s words, balancing on borders, and for his nonconformity to his time or to any other epoch.

In other words, one needs to individually live in a certain cycle in order to even understand cyclicism.

This is galaxybrained

in the Autobiografia, where to the conception of cyclic time of the corsi e ricorsi another spiral one is overlapped, containing them all

What other authority do you need- James Joyce structured his magnum opus according to this view of history.

It’s possible to wax Emersonian and ascend in the cycle rather than descend with the times.

Ah this is a great sign, from a chapter on Vico’s implications for Brazil

we can say that the New Science has a preeminent proclivity for the immaturity of nations.

The reactosphere always talks about “Brazilification”- maybe one day Brazilians will warn each other about “Americanification”.

If all you can do is stew in bitterness and revenge about the things I say I wonder if you ARE the decline? In fact I know the answer to that question.

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