Genealogy time, goys and goyls

this observation implies that the Gospels must be read as attempts to imitate the classical Greek tradition.

The question is, had the “J” of the New Testament read Homer et al?

This would be world-shaking

Acts 26:14 is a possible paraphrasis of Euripides’ Bacchae 795

Other allusions have also been speculated about. No one ever thinks of the Greeks in relation to this holiest of books, even though it was written in Greek.

This would be a scandal

A relevant example may here be Paul and Socrates in Acts 17. Vv.18–20 provide a paraphrase of the charges against Socrates

What is the word, “cribbed”?

Not like this matters in our secular time, this is just an apolitical interest of mine.

This would be fascinating though wouldn’t it?

A Case for Luke’s Imitation of Plato and Xenophon to Depict Paul as a Christian Socrates

This IS the standard belief

the misconception that authors of the New Testament had no other texts than the Old Testament and related Jewish literature in mind

Homer and Virgil were ubiquitous throughout antiquity, they were schooltexts.

This subject is controversial for some people to hear. What is it about controversy that drives people to revenge, anyway? “Reality is a certain way, and you better not make me wonder if it’s not!” I feel like me and our culture mutually killed each other. It had to be done. “WHY”.. because, I told you, it’s the highest entertainment to me. Know what my favorite part is? If we’re both skeletons, at least I’m the right one. What must that be like to be both dead AND wrong? No wonder people are on all those pills these days. You’re on the side of the rabble, the hysterics, the muds, the merchants, and you think you’re the right one? Don’t make me laugh, have some dignity to admit it, you corpse. The ladies love conversations in hell. You’re on the side of all the sin and vice in the world. You are wrong. You are Satanic. Own up to it. All of the world is on your side, aren’t you brave. Must really take a lot of effort to believe what everyone believes. You have one life and you’ve decided to spend it defending evil out of convenience. I hope they don’t let people like you around kids at least. Who wants a zogslave around children?

You notice that context that inspires these thoughts? Reading about Homer and the New Testament. If you only surround yourself with contemporary garbage your soul is going to be garbage. The best books of all time lead me to wanting to “throw it out”.

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