Eschewing the political is actually quite a relief. I want to know more about that “dream doctor” I posted about the other day. He wrote his dissertation in the 90s on the spirituality of Native American dreaming. Visions through dreams is the center of their religion he claims. And now we find him writing in 2020 about psi abilities, precognition, telekinesis, all this paranormal stuff that he says he experiences after keeping a dream journal for decades. Do you know how many times I’ve chastised myself for not keeping a dream journal? 1/3rd of our life and we don’t even know what’s going on. That trickster thing I saw the other day, that wasn’t a human being, I’ll tell you that.

In a study from a decade ago he tries to make the case that asleep vs. awake is a false dualism, that we in fact dream while we’re awake. Dreaming constitutes waking perception for him. Put differently, you can think of dreams while you’re asleep for one, “day dreaming” for two, and third, that normal perception is a sort of “day dream”. Native American religion definitely counts as a “discipline” that we could learn from in my opinion. They believed in something – what was it? I actually in my embarrassing hippie days did go through one of their sweat lodge rituals, and got maybe some idea at least. And then of course, all the entheogens. I just wonder what the real true essence is. About eight hours a day we don’t know what’s going on in our minds. I have seen reports of lucid dreamers from the west who have met each other in dreams. I’m not sure we know everything that’s going on there.

He seems to be getting at something real here

We all day dream and such dreaming is simply an expression of the dreaming aspects of mind, a reflection of the dynamics of consciousness creatively responding to the world around us. In this sense, mental poverty might be defined as an inability to dream in the waking state, a lack of creativity, and an absence of what is possible subsumed into collective norms.

What I tend to call “idealism” IS kind of a sort of dreaming when I read him, now that I think about it. That’s not mere fantasy though, it’s a realistic option if only many people would dream similarly.

There might be something to this! Who really knows about the real religion of Native Americans?

Every time we try to plot a course of action and consider multiple alternatives, we are dreaming.

“What is a day dream?” – something a Socratic Indian might ask you.

Every time we reflect upon our personal relationships and consider how they might be different, be changed, modified, enhanced, we are dreaming. Every time we speculate, we dream

Alright, I have to frustrate people now because I have the urge to be political. We’re supposed to be living according to a certain people’s dream, and I don’t see how it’s good for anyone besides them. I think many people have a relation to them similar to Native Americans. They perceive themselves as savages in the presence of the ~chosen people~. They were chosen to con. Are they conning you right now as you read this? You can dream outside of their dream. All goys are to them is monsters that they slay, they don’t see us as humans at all. Sorry to tell you Jews, I know the old Germans, and you seem less than human after studying them. Why is your “dream” so similar to “110”? Maybe ask your kabbalists.

Dreaming can be a template for what is possible

“And all it is is a dream too! We will saturate you with our immoralism until you drown!” Why is that your dream? You seriously seem to only want the worst for the host population, and you don’t even have a country yourself without help only a handicap deserves. Retards-in-chief.

dreaming consumers caught in a half-waking state, sharing values that are induced through the mechanisms of manufactured visions

Even the overlords are in this half-waking state. They can’t dream beyond what the old kagal wants for them, and us.

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