Maybe some relate when I say there just isn’t really much meaning to find in life. I think I have answers to why that is that a therapist probably won’t tell you. I might have mentioned before that I once knew a girl whose father was a doctor and she told me that when she was a kid various pharmaceutical brands would fly her family out to vacation in the Bahamas and places like that. Doctors and the medical industry are seen as the nobility in our time, they’re seen as morally perfect. If you’ve ever noticed how many doctors have a porsche in the hospital parking lot for instance then you might question their real motivations- it might not be “helping people” like they want you to believe. One might think of Eryximachus as the ancient Type that represents them. In reality, doctors do the bare minimum to be recognized as the highest status person in society. The gleam they have is really a pact with the rabble. Similar to how democrats are obsessive about healthcare. All this to say that therapists are what they are because they want to be viewed as valuable and get rich off it, and their main concern isn’t “helping others”. Being subordinate to the state religion is intrinsic to what they are as well. Do you know the nasty details of what that means? I highly doubt you want to hear it. The materialism of a Jew, the weepy emotionalism of a woman, the lust of a nigger, the crudeness of a prole. Affirming all those things as valid is the presupposition of living in a society, or at least this society. The people in charge of mental health are often children. Do you want to know why there isn’t much meaning in life? It’s because the norm is to be inhuman. Was I harsh the other day to refer to zogling wives as blowup dolls? “That’s my LIFE!!” Just saying, if you ever get the feeling that your life is meaningless, there are answers to that you probably don’t want to think about. If you have a blowup doll for a therapist you’re certainly not going to hear them from her. Look, Peggy Sue has a collidge degree displayed on her wall. Priestesses of the state religion only talk in cliches. For hundreds of dollars you get to pull the string on her back and make her talk. It’s funny how people with kids probably feel like I’m talking to them like a kid sometimes. Seeing through people who are fused to society is so easy it’s boring. I understand them better than they understand themselves. The main “tell” of a sellout is they will never say anything about Jews, AND they will say something positive about turd worlders. Really simple formula for spotting them. They really want that blowup doll wife, can you blame them? “Why is my life so meaningless? I can’t understand!” You submit to your masters and get nothing out of it, that’s why. You put yourself out there to praise baboonification and your reward was a soulless skank, why aren’t you happy? It’s fitting punishment if you ask me. People who immanentize vulgarity and tastelessness deserve a gold digger whore. U mad, bro? Take it up with the Jews then, unless you’re a pussy boy? Right, we already established that. What, you’re telling me a therapist won’t say this to you, and will probably prescribe you dumbdumb drugs instead? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

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