Ugh, back to this guy again

There are “degrees of cancellation”. You think Bloom is strict, and from a certain perspective he’s a gentle prog. And that’s what it’s about too- strictness.

Look how clever he is though, it’s why I keep returning to him, look how he structures this book

Putting Plato where he puts him… Give me a break, dude.

Still, professors aren’t allowed to talk like this anymore

The study of mediocrity, whatever its origins, breeds mediocrity.

This book is titled Genius and it’s over 800 pages. Do you want a real education or not?

Ashkenazi IQ, gotta appreciate it in many cases

Where he would be himself

Din means something like strict judgment, while Gevurah is the power that enables such rigor.

Is that what it is, I need someone in my life who is a balancing Sefirah? Tiferet, beauty or altruism, the heart, Platonists find something amusing about that one. Perhaps that is where literature itself should be? No, too broad a statement. It mediates between severity and mercy or kindness. This is for the “woman the eternal mod” folder. You want to moderate me?

Speaking of anthropomorphization they have made characters out of the Sefirot

This book itself is genius, he does this with the canon

Canceled for being too good.

How does a ~Nazi~ spend his Sunday, let’s see.

Bloom is illegal today

The reader learns to identify with what she or he feels is a greatness that can be joined to the self, without violating the self’s integrity.

Without middlemen like him we are disconnected from greatness. That’s what they want too, they don’t want great people, they want everyone to be mediocre.

Someone speaking my language, finally!

The dead genius is more alive than we are

I’m reminded of how Evola is necessary for getting some semblance of initiation into the political ethos of old Rome. Bloom does that for literature. And he’s more alive than all those who would cancel him.

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