Not seeing any standalone books on Tiferet, in its various spellings. If I had to choose one Sefirah that the cathedral represents that is it. It’s stuck there forever. Anything “harsh” is mediated into kindness. What do you think about that, pineapple head?

I saw some people at the store earlier that I haven’t seen in a few years and I wasn’t “reticent” with them, and let’s just say it was somewhat awkward. Or think of a bunch of chimps on a plane. We have these hesitances that conceal our first-nature. I feel sorry for them having to have a moment with someone doesn’t live in society. Is that just your normal life if you visit this site all the time? I could tell one of them wanted to kill me too, no no, civilized apes don’t have thoughts of killing each other, what are you talking about? Exposing existential dilemmas is just so “choice” to me. One of them was one of those “Vegas” people anyway, it’s like a kind of pigheaded machiavellianism that seeks to enshrine the self above others out of a personal pain. Or I think of the stereotype of all those men holding up their hand and shouting at the stock market, real dog eat dog, business-men aren’t “friends” with each other. They’ve accepted that they need to be evil in this world. They especially want to be evil to people who note this about them. If you want to know though, it was this middle-aged couple I used to know. And I was just genuinely shocked that they were still together because everything seems so impermanent and atomized these days, and I think they might have taken it a bad way. Really it gave me a sense of hope, “It must be true love” I told them, and I got a certain sense that made them wonder about things. Both worldly creatures when I think about it. I should learn to be more of a normal robot at the store huh? “How about you do that online too!” Be a robot ALL the time is the mantra of our political order.

I don’t care about you levelers, this is what I’m reading now for instance

It’s an attempted synthesis of Judaism and German high culture.

Do you want to continue chattering about nothing or are you going to start to care about this sort of thing someday?

You know “synthesis” isn’t possible, right? Let’s not have any illusions about that. “”Synthesis”” is always one side determining the other side.

The idea of patchwork is so terrifying to them because on some level they know that an autonomous state would turn all their beliefs into nothingness.

There is no “synthesis” of Athens and Jerusalem in the present time, we live in Jerusalem.

I’m not in prison at the moment, something worse than prison probably. You better not challenge “Zeus” about the nature of divinities. Look at that, there are other gods you have to live amongst, how that gives anxiety to the totalitarians.

“Yahweh is the one God” is a theological formula for the lowbrows.

Socratic dialogue is still untimely centuries and centuries later.

Really, I talk to millennials, I doubt anyone else can understand me. You’re either too young or too old. We’re forced to live in a sort of unfreedom I’m not going to be content with. They will do everything in their power to make sure you just accept that. No thanks, I’d rather try to be a nuclear bomb dropped into hell to destroy all of it even if it means I’m turned to ash as well.

I just want people to be real with each other.

So far all they can manage is stating platitudes of the state religion, giving it their “personal twist”.

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