I try to hide my real relation to the Greeks because I’m so crazy about them that it’s embarrassing. Maybe everyone has their hysterias.

When I think about them my feeling is sort of like this


Thankfully I can contain myself and express that somewhat articulably usually.

For now I’m seeing what the one who translated Plato during the Renaissance has to say about the Symposium. WYPIPO! Some say it’s Ficino’s most important work. Published the year Michelangelo was born. People only know about art from that time, rather than Mind. Aren’t we lucky to have the opposite of a renaissance in the US? Something needs to be done about all these subhumans. They’re so easy to spot and they’re everywhere. They don’t even try to conceal what they are. Why do you think I read old books, it’s to forget about these nothings. Ficino tried to revive Plato’s Academy in Florence.

Here’s this theme again- some people might be like this in a secular way

Given that half of the ethos of Europe is systematically suffocated I might have to expect that half of the people of the west have some form of depression. Those happy Jerusalemites, what do they know that we don’t? Mathematical Maoism that allows you to breathe only the thin air found at mountain peaks. Being a shill or subhuman can in part be explained by the need for oxygen.

Cathedral vs. “alt-lite” vs. ???? [pariah hemlock]

Almost everyone seems to be pretty happy with the first two options. I can’t do it.

The first two are close to the same in my eyes. One has some “bells and whistles” ahahahaha. I sentence thee to the rubbish heap. You might as well be a greasy coon in a do-rag to me. There’s nothing wrong with that! You’re valid! Please just cut some eyes into a chicken bucket, wear it upside down on your head, and rub your hands together like a jew and make that your profile picture. A nice target for a baseball bat. Having a concussion is the only way you’ll be able to tolerate your blowup doll anyway. “Having a blank brain makes us so similar!”

It was Ficino who changed this. Think of how demonic Plato must have been perceived during these times

The Republic and Laws, among other dialogues, were disappeared from society for centuries.

Kind of a funny anecdote, did I ever tell you? The first time I read the Republic I was on a beach and I got a really brutal sunburn. Because I was sitting there so absorbed. I only hope you’re familiar enough with Plato to understand why that’s funny.

Quackademics still do this in the current year

You could say that Ficino represents the beginning of a “Christian Kabbalah”. He was used as the main guide to Plato for centuries.

This is exactly the kind of person we need today, and unfortunately we’re not living during a renaissance

Ficino was able to argue with conviction that the time was ripe for a Christian-Platonic revival that would unite wisdom and faith, philosophy and revelation, as they had once been united in the golden age

Strange how people think of the renaissance and don’t know anything about this side of things. This is when we switched from medieval to modern times. Counter-intuitively, bringing back ancient thinkers was necessary for that.

“We’re not going to have a Renaissance, dude, don’t even bother.” sigh. Dreaming.

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