Gershom Scholem is considered the authority on Kabbalah

declared the term sefirah as deriving from “sapphire”

Isaac Luria is known as the founder of contemporary Kabbalah and he was born a few decades after Ficino’s death. Currents of esotericism. Departures from popular religion. Elitology.

The most beautiful sapphires

Keter and Da’at are interchangeable depending on whether the sefirot are seen from God’s viewpoint or from the human perspective.

Oh good, I found a “cynical” interpretation in book form

Lurian cabalah broke from traditional Judaism by asserting that the Jewish People ought to perform for themselves those tasks which were traditionally assigned to Yahweh

Cladistically, one might think of Marx as the most prominent kabbalist.

Moshe Idel is known as the leading revisionist of Scholem

Bloom is everywhere, this is his introduction to a Kabbalist text

Heidegger (whom I abominate) is in spirit the least Jewish of all thinkers

This guy looks like someone who would sacrifice a goy like a goat

They kept this stuff secret for centuries and still no one cares to try to understand it now that they’re more open about it.

I’m trying my best not to “hateread” this book.

A kabbalist would probably tell me my worldview is a result of ignorance pertaining to how one is supposed to interact with the Sephiroth. And maybe they’re right, so I’m trying to “find out”.

to contemplate even these lower manifestations, the kabbalists were described as having to resort to symbolic knowledge. The emphasis upon the role of symbolism is so great in Scholem’s school that it can be aptly described as a ‘science of symbols’

It’s quite amusing thinking of the idea of a Jew learning about this from a “Nazi”. The death of god hit them too so I wouldn’t be surprised if that has happened.

Enigmatically, in his introduction to this, Bloom says secrets are better kept through speech than by silence.

Maybe there’s a sapphire I can’t appreciate the beauty of? This is what they would tell me if they deigned to ever speak to someone like me. Excuse me, Your Highness.

I’m essentially trying to create a synthesis of Athens and Jerusalem on an individual level, Plato to Kabbalah in the blink of an eye

I’m already missing the Athenians though. And the Jerusalemites don’t allow you to miss them.

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