I don’t care if you’re annoyed I keep posting about him, Bloom is awesome, what a relief to find someone like him

They don’t live in the time of the rabble, they live with each other across history.

He says he’s defending the idea of genius. Imagine needing to even do that. That’s where we are.

This is a Wagnerian theme (I’m sure Bloom has his grudges about him)

If you live in a democracy you can’t post like this. I don’t care! This is what makes me happy. What he calls “aesthetic splendor” I find in this book of his.

He’s writing it in the tradition of Emerson’s Representative Men – who does that? Can we just stop and appreciate this person for a second?


This is a book about Übermenschen pretty much. Yes, don’t worry, Jane Austen is in there, Jane Austen who broke me the other day. You see decadents everywhere, and that’s that’s one thing, and then you see an ideal to contrast them with, and it’s just too much.

They really don’t want people like him around anymore

People say they “care about humanity” and what they mean is they care about the subhumans. This is caring about humanity. People pray for me to die because I talk like this, that’s not a good sign about your society. … Just had an epiphany that these geniuses are right and the people of this time are wrong. You know that it says something about you if you don’t love the geniuses of history? It means you’re only able to love a meal. Your alpo. It says something about your very essence. Like I said, I’m crazy about certain Greeks, it’s an insanity I have in liking them so much. If you can only salivate about your dinner I don’t know what to tell you. Or if you can only intensely admire people who are alive today, you’re lost, you’re braindead. I have hope in people (at this particular fleeting moment) though, you should try to see what some of these geniuses are about. Don’t be happy with your dinner or your favorite shitposter like me. I have to suffer because there are so geniuses actually alive. Really the world is filled with the opposite. All these levelers aren’t geniuses themselves, I’ll tell you that much. That’s the meaning of what they do- they’re anti-genius. How sick in the head can you get? Your life is worth nothing, you’re a barnyard animal. You live in the realm of the senses, you haven’t evolved the faculty for taste. It’s a spiritual ghetto. Can’t deal with the monkeys anymore, they can’t appreciate anything worth appreciating.

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