Does that make you mad at all? “Peggy Sue!” Just so much low-class behavior and it’s so ubiquitous no one’s able to question it. Yes, you are a type of nigger, it’s true. This means you don’t have much awareness. All the different niggers ally with each other and pretend that’s not what they are. You are that. A lifeless creature without any consciousness who only causes pity among actual human beings who behold them. You are an animal with clothes who knows English, and that’s about all that can be said about you. The thing about your type is you only want MORE slavery. Someone like me represents you being freed and you hate me for that, thus you want to be more enslaved. There has to be a more accurate term than “nigger” to describe you, because you’re worse than even that. You want to be a hypernigger in a way. Even the good ones are just some kind of animal that doesn’t warrant respect as a human. I only wish I was fabricating this perception in order to promote an agenda. Who would say this when it’s obvious saying it will invite the hate of everyone? I am someone who doesn’t have any hope at all, and believes that you’re doomed to be a slave because you deserve it for being someone who is naturally a nigger who can never change. That’s just you, it’s alright. We’re living in Maoism and even the rightists are Maoists. Instead of being a person, you’ll just be angry and continue in your inhumanity, and that’s what a brainless nigger is. I’m not happy to report this. This is the reality of the situation. You’re already a slave and you want to be even more of one. Be mad, nigger, you don’t know human emotions anyway. Someone is finally calling you what you are. A permanent useless piece of shit who happens to bathe and know grammar. Grifters are no different from the MSM, you’re all part of the same collection of useless shitstains. What are you doing, you’re trying to justify your own slavery, there isn’t a human being there. You already are a plant. There’s nothing there worth saving. A being of pure resentment and envy. You exemplify the “decline” in everything you say. It’s mysterious- how could a nigger have white skin? Nice do-rag you coon. Karma has decided that you are a coon. What a nigger! Or to quote Auden, How embarrassing. You are living in a zoo and everyone is like you so you think it’s fine. People who are so far below dignity they will never understand any words that try to tell them what they are. I think I’ve finally accepted there’s not a real person there.

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