It’s all about maintaining the illusion you aren’t a total nigger. All the different types of niggers all agree with each other they don’t want people questioning them. You look like an ape to me. Look at that nigger. Do you have self-consciousness to do that? I doubt it. You are mentally retarded and have no morals. You believe in getting rich and getting pussy. Bloodmoney and stankhoe orifice, a lot to strive for. Are you part of the circus or something? How else am I supposed to interpret you? Who would be happy with someone who schmoozes Jews every day? Must be a brainless bitch, that’s the only conclusion. And all the niggers need to unite together against people who tell them this. How sad. At least you can READ. That doesn’t mean you understand it, at least you can understand the wall street journal and the sentiments of skanks who you seek to pretend to love. What a farce it all is. Your friends aren’t real, your career is meaningless, love is based on zog-status, there’s no point to it. Try to tell yourself that is what “happiness” is. “We’ll be happier if no one reminds us about it.”

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