Dialectics noises

Many of those who say they dislike Milton’s God only mean that they dislike God

This is none other than C. S. Lewis, who wrote a book on him.

Remember, Milton sought to write a better epic than Homer, so this is his “Zeus” in question here. His Satan is kicked out of “Olympus”. Instead of other gods besides Zeus there are angels.

This is a book from the 60s that’s in an agon with Lewis

appreciative attitude of Blake and Shelley, who said that the reason why the poem is so good is that it makes God so bad.

These same ones who believed Milton portrayed Satan as a hero.

I’m relating to this, seeing “God” as our egregore

‘embarrassed’ by the wickedness of Milton’s God

This is a typical interpretation in those days apparently.

Shelley says this in the preface to his Prometheus Unbound

Don’t you like when classics are applied to the state religion? Professors never talk about them like this.

Let me put it this way- people had different conceptions of evil in different times, and what we think of Satan now others saw as a Promethean figure. No, I don’t mean “Satan” in the Christian sense, I mean it in the political sense. Satan is not perceived as Prometheus or Odysseus, he is perceived as Satan, evil.

On God and the heavens

Milton here was trying to express the ineffable, so we cannot be very cross or surprised at having him fail

This needs to be kept in mind when I write the Yahweh epic ahahaha

This is dangerous

That a third of the angels reject the claims of God was inherent in the story

A third of the West splits off to form its own patch…

This maps directly onto today

The initial error of Satan is that he doubts the credentials of God

“Muh Nobels!” How about your secret immoral religious text? How about your history of enslaving others, literally and figuratively? I don’t think it’s an “error” of Satan’s to wonder about these things.

You starting to see why this epic is considered a timeless classic?

Right… wink wink

a transcendent God whose Godhead is mysteriously identical with Goodness

Even Latinos are leveled in your order. That’s all that needs to be said about you. You’re no God.

If you think about it, Odysseus is more of Zeus than Zeus is himself in the Odyssey. And there are parallels with Satan and God in Milton’s epic.

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