Sticking with Mach, looking at a crossover someone did between him and more recent thinkers

For Girard, the essential moment in the life of a community is the murder or expulsion of the scapegoat.

How could Mach be related to him at all I wonder?

If an outlet for this violence is not found, the community will tear itself to pieces.

You know I just “mock” you.

Girard saw it as a repetitive ritual that eliminates societal strife.

“What kind of sick person would want people to tear each other to pieces??”

You can’t have a science of society if you’re part of society. I’m just trying to tell you how you operate without even realizing it. There should be books about this kind of thing, and you’d be scapegoated for writing them.

This makes sense though – scapegoating is “the end justifies the means” thinking

The juxtaposition, for whatever purposes, of Machiavelli with post-Heideggerian philosophy is admittedly weird.

If you’re part of the conspiracy to keep people like me out of public discourse the chances are that you’re too consumed by emotion to know what’s going on. You want to keep society from tearing itself to pieces and this requires a sort of departure from reason.

Or maybe you’re the Type who has been ritually sacrificed yourself, in which case you probably have a better idea of what’s going on. There’s an epistemology involved in one’s relation to society. If you bless the Jews you’re cursed.

I think everyone is confused, okay? Let’s just collectively admit it. We need to figure out what’s going on. We were all brainwashed by people who were themselves brainwashed. I’d like to understand why even Latinos are leveled and that’s fine – someone must have an answer for me. “Because we’re ONE society, that’s why.” What’s the point of having a society if those are its conditions? You clearly need at least some kind of synthesis between “cruel” people like me and overly kind people which is the normal way. If the question can be asked whether South Americans might be better off turning back and running back to their country then you know something is fundamentally off here. I personally would advise those kinds of people to stay put where they are until we figure things out, because they’re doomed if they migrate here. There’s literally nothing real to live for here. In being idealists and trying to create a multicultural society no real meaning is possible anymore. Alright, it was a good effort. Now we have to wonder if it was the best effort, because I don’t think it was. We’re living in a certain kind of Maoism where everyone gradually gets stupider. That’s not an ideal trajectory to continue with. You keep scapegoating because you’re so irrational, and ultimately it’s not good even for Latinos or women, let alone anyone else. Just lots of sad people with empty lives in the future, that’s what you want. I still believe in truth, I still believe in beauty, I still believe we can help proles, browns, and the rest rise above their lot in life, and we’re not going to do that with the standard policies we have now. Society is currently stuck on means to an end scapegoat thinking in order to preserve peacefulness, when the reality is that it can’t even be described as peacefulness if so many people feel so empty.

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