Draw from a muse or say what you think directly, these are two ways of addressing the world.

When I think of addressing the world directly then God is my muse.

I try to familiarize younger and secular people with this way of thinking.

“Why does God want you to be a scapegoat?” I wonder that myself. It doesn’t mean I stop believing reality has a purpose.

That might end up being the Chinese.

Sometimes I have dreams involving a certain person, and I’m not sure they’d ever expect their external appearance to lead to chinks being in control of the world.

This is what “phenomenology” is about, you attend to your direct experiences.

When I do that I always think of “God” and then wonder if I can ever know that.

What is the most important reality?

It seems to be the interpretation of divinity. And then we have the added layer of that existing within a particular political order.

The pseudo-religion they allow to be in public, you think that is based on a direct experience of meditating on the divine? Those ones are fused to the corporations.

I suggest you try that again, wondering what exactly “God” is. If it is in agreement with what makes you valuable in the eyes of the status quo then you should reflect on whether you’re deluding yourself.

What is God to me you might ask? Having a normal face to face talk about the world. Why isn’t that allowed? You will be eliminated from society if you want to have a real talk with someone. This is why I think modern life is meaningless.

You’re likely living in that meaninglessness yourself so you’ll probably think of a reason why truth being banned is a good thing. That’s what you do to protect subhumans like you from being judged. Judge the judger without letting their opinion in society without banning them. Have you ever looked at yourself? Muds, jews, and women aren’t the reason we have civilization beyond the third world. You are all so envious. I try to teach you how to have a spirit and you’re too proud of your stupidity. “We scapegoat because we’re retards!” Yes.

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