Had a dream I got to see someone. She pretended she didn’t like me, probably how it would be in public too. “You better remember what happened last time you tried to be a greedy goy and drop it.” It’s about getting what I deserve for destroying the foundations of all your lies. Let’s just forget about that though, you have so many neuroses you can’t even understand.

No one wants to hear about other people’s dreams, so this can be about your own dreams, which you probably don’t remember. They can show you what you desire, that your conscious mind doesn’t usually let you know. Admittedly, my all-too-human self often dreams of food. Other times it can be more serious than that.

It seems the general consensus is that dreams aren’t important, and anything that can be said about them has the epistemic status of new age obscurantism at best. 1/3rd of our life is forgotten, something doesn’t seem right about that.

Seeing so many books that remind me why no one takes anything anyone says about dreams seriously. “Why don’t you just tell us about YOUR dream.” No, I don’t think I will.

It’s only possible to “live your dream” in this culture if you have middling ambition. Most are too sensitive for a real paradigm-shift, so people settle for moderate goals.

Alright, I found one that seems more reliable than the new age stuff- one on the history of the interpretation of dreams. One of the chapters looks optimally abstract

This is a hermeneutic of suspicion, whether the west understands the true meaning of dreaming

Oneirocritica, Artemidorus’s famous second-century Christian era (CE) text on dreaming, which remained authoritative right up to the early modern period.

Looking at a crosscultural study

That’s something I was thinking of the other day, that we tend to reduce them to our own creations, when the experience does not present itself that way, i.e. when you interact with another in a dream it doesn’t seem like you’re interacting with yourself. Unless the self can really trick itself into “making” itself think it isn’t making the dream. In that sense I wonder how much of my conscious self now is in my own control. Is there a higher self above my conscious one that “makes” me.

Maybe those 17th century Iroquois were onto something

Just a thoroughgoing reformation of the state religion, is that so much to ask?

I can’t get what I want unless that happens, and for that to happen most people have to undergo an extreme egodeath. I’m glad I could provide some of you with that, it’s called life being real. The dimensions of the belief-system are seen rather than just lived. Once this happens there’s a tendency toward extremist reinforcement of that system. Even if I don’t get what I want (extremism in the opposite direction) I still get to see how people react to socratic examination, which I wouldn’t be able to from within an institution. Almost everyone has no clue what our society really is. What it’s based on, what its goals are, how it maintains itself. And I want an impossible Penelope that doesn’t react negatively to all this. What else is there in life? If you’re not chipping away at the very foundations of society how dull. Then settling for the farmer’s daughter who’s content with an obedient societyling, how dull. Cursed if you bless them, cursed if you curse them.

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