Patching up one of Bloom’s blindspots- in fact most in the west have this blindspot

The author contends that Islam should not be classed with the modern Judaeo–Christian tradition since that tradition has effectively capitulated to secularism and is now a disguised form of liberal humanism.

Speaking of Great Books, a quarter of the people in the world revolve their life around the Quran. People in the west are “afraid” of this book in a way. What other books can you say that about? I was actually thinking of doing a post on Lovecraft, then it dawned on me that the Quran has certain qualities similar to the Necronomicon.

If you want to get controversial, only through interpreting this book can one accurately judge the Palestine conflict. What type of soul does it create? If it creates something less than human I can’t have much genuine sympathy for Muslims, outside of their role as a weapon against the enemy.

It could be that the Quran has allowed them to preserve a healthier phase of the historical cycle. We’re often biased by the fact that they don’t have our technological drive, our desire to conquer nature. It could be that they are closer to Being or the Good than us and we just happen to have a bunch of shiny toys that distract from that.

So this is another world outside of Athens and Jerusalem, though obviously leaning toward the latter in its nature.

The “alien” mythos in our culture is so all-pervasive and most never try to understand peoples that are the closest thing that could be considered an alien living on earth, and those are the ones the US has designated as “the enemy”, namely Islam, China, and Russia.

This author, in 2007, claims no one has done this in our time

I establish the discipline of a philosophy of Islam

This is in the tradition of Averroes, which they say has been moribund since the 12th century.

Is there a soul in the world that could ever convince you this is not so?

Unsympathetic western critics dismiss Islam as a self-evidently false religion with a uniquely dangerous political potential

On the Farsinet one frequently finds Muslims who seem like they’re living in the middle ages, in the pejorative sense. This writer isn’t like that, he seems like an “Athenian” with the added twist that he’s one of the faithful. He says that since the advent of “the secular pretender” no religion exists in the age of innocence anymore, and thus they have to philosophize about themselves. Ironically, what’s truly Athenian is learning Kabbalah and Islam.

I like their moxie

Few, if any, Muslims anywhere have ever believed that what westerners say about Islam has any intellectual significance.

One look at clownworld and how could you expect them to have any other attitude?

People with Axis Powers energy 🤝 Muslims

In other words, if Muslims acknowledge that western opinion about Islam matters, they do so solely because westerners are militarily powerful.

Muh shiny toys are proof muh soul isn’t empty.

A quarter of the world believes in it and you’ve probably never read a page of the Quran. Biased much? They see it as higher than Shakespeare.

Are they wrong?

Instead of wanting to travel to Syria to help them fight the Mossad as a Platonist, who knows, maybe I’ll convert to Islam someday? I don’t rule it out. This writer certainly is demonstrating it’s possible to be an Athenian simultaneously.

Bold, and probably true

we must note that there are now few authentically religious Jews and Christians in the West even among the clergy and the rabbinate.

Get me out of here!

He’s seeing through all of them. When I see a “Christian” I’m almost always like, Okay, you’re a prog, shut up.

He calls religion in the west a decorate veneer that disguises secularism, a-yup.

This is true, outside of someone marginal like Guenon

Until recently in the West, understood ideologically, not geographically, there was little serious scholarly interest in the Quran in its own right as the founding script of a major world civilization.

“Great Books”, you have to concede.

I’m seeing those Palestinians in a new light- they’re fighting the death of god. I’d shoot missiles at that too.

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