I’m drawn back to the Quran because when I think of which books in the world shine brightest it’s undeniable that’s one of the main ones. Muhammad is arguably more powerful than any world leader alive.

This is how that Athenian Muslim from earlier understands the west’s turn to secularism

Marxism, as an independent political force, forced Christians to justify their dogmatic claims. Marxism itself was, however, essentially a truncated secularized form of Christianity

Muhammad vs. Western Marxism vs. Eastern Marxism vs. the “developing nations” – that seems to be the main situation on the world-stage.

He says the last two centuries have witnessed the greatest eclipse of religious consciousness in history. That’s the time we’re living in. By “we” I don’t include Muslims- they’re somewhat enviable in that light.

Some of us secularists can understand it as the Islamic world still believing in “the forms”, the form itself, represented by Allah. If you’re one of the ones who chatters all day you don’t understand anything about that. Muslims are more human than you. I think of those kinds of magazines you see near the register at a store- that’s where most people’s level of reality is at, or not far from it. Pure materialism and gossip. I’m fair enough to say there are good things about Marx. Leftists don’t tend to admit he led to bad things as well. He and neech are the main “antichrists” of recent times, and one clearly appeals more to the mob. Mobblings of course read neither and have a “magazine understanding” of them. That doesn’t stop them from being part of one of the ethoses they inaugurated.

I read about Islam in a similar way that I read about Kabbalah. There’s no way I’ll be able to understand it. He quotes Dali, saying his paintings are schizophrenic and a symptom of modernity that is present even at Mecca

Don’t bother about being modern. Unfortunately it is the one thing that, whatever you do, you cannot avoid.

This IS odd, I can’t think of a Muslim intellectual who’s formally issued a challenge to the west, can you?

Muslims have not produced a philosophical defence of the rationality of Islamic theism in the modern world.

I’d expect something like that from China too and I don’t know of one. That’s what the book in question purports to be at least, and it’s a somewhat convincing defense so far. Then of course Russia has Dugin, who I personally prefer to Islam, being inescapably a modern person. Maybe it’s a good sign though that I’m frustrated that I can’t understand revelation. Many probably see that as backward that I even want to try to understand. It would be taboo if I said I’m converting to the last stronghold of theism in the world. It’s impossible to get it through to people that they aren’t “independent” just because they’re not Christian like those from the old days. Your Absolute Authority is the status quo which is a sort of postmodern version of Marxism. A crude one at that, given that the status quo is controlled by propaganda which is administered over by the worldly and avaricious. Some of them probably find it frustrating that they can’t understand me the same way I can’t understand Islam or the Chinese. I’m from the west too, I just have a different ethos, it’s probably a lot easier to grasp than Islam, though also probably impossible for many also.

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