Postmodern Marxism means the proletariat is now chopped liver because others are recognized “in need”, namely blacks, browns, and women, and of course the Jews with their healthy arms in casts. It’s a matter of lowering reality to their level, and much “progress” has already been made in that direction. Anyone who doesn’t go with their plans they see as the devil. Muslims seem to be different in that they “look up” to Muhammad and believe in Allah “above them”. In contrast, the west in general “descends” or moves downward. “Ideals” here are inverted- we’re expected to follow ideals that aren’t ideals at all, in fact they’re the opposite of ideals. Was there something devastating about that feminist history of logic book I quoted from the other day? Yes, I admit it. There’s also something about it that makes me feel bad for the writer. Even the Veronicas have something that is just pitiful about them. I can’t help it! That’s the natural order of things, for women to be second. Some women make me feel real stupid in certain ways- that’s the exception though, and I don’t have illusions about it.

I must believe in a higher power if I talk like this, because it only brings me misery, you have to give me that. “We’re not giving you anything!”

I should just delete this post. It’s true though, sorry. Just saaaaaad people we’re supposed to see as the new normal. Nah.

At least Beauvoir had Sartre, that explains why she was able to ascend to greatness beyond most men. Today all women have is the status quo, which ends up making them pretty drab people.

Brown people deserve better than George Floyd! That’s a slap in the face to them. Don’t they see that as condescending, the media engineering of that? Some of them must.

Just read the Greeks and pretend they were black, is it that difficult? They were probably tan anyway. Many African countries are Muslim, it would be better for American POC to be Muslim than what they are now. I can jive with Tupac once in a while, alright? That’s not the ideal you should have though. Any human deserves better than that, and that’s pretty much all they have here. We’re all expected to see that as normal and valid.

Once again, I’m not a hijab person, nor am I a bible-thumper, I just think we can learn from them in certain less extreme ways

A quarter of the world believes in the Quran. And this isn’t the “hut” segments of the world either. Sometimes I read them and it takes me back to the medieval age in a good way. Also a bad way with some of them, I said. People want to deny that they had anything right in the medieval age. We’ve lost some accurate perception from that time.

Here, I’ll quote this again- is this not true?

The French and the Muslims balance each other out in a way, and that’s probably why I find this particular book, because some have realized that.

I feel hostile when I bring him up, he’s right though

Every act of hospitality contains, as Derrida reminds us, more than a hint of hostility.

I’m defending the impossible like usual, I know.

Then again, maybe it’s just me, when I imagine one, a particularly petulant one preferably, in a burqa, sitting there fuming, gritting her teeth behind it, looking at me with a fiery stare of hatred–there’s something about that that I like. Yes, you finally know your place. That’s my thought about that scenario.

ALL VALUES COLLAPSE unless you’re able to be somewhat hospitable about this way of thinking. No difference between God and humanity, no difference between men and women, no difference between races, no difference between proles and nobility. That leads to no difference between right and wrong, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, smart and stupid, refined and vulgar. And we very much see this valuelessness, this relativism, today. Very much. It’s rooted in atheism at its core. No God, and the rest follows from that. And Muslims seem to be the most pious ones in the world.

Would you be a “typical western liberal chauvinist” in a situation like this with a Muslim?

to make a point of hosting strange ideas in one’s mind as one might host a guest at a meal

You just believe in things getting all the more relativistic probably. And they’re right to see us as irredeemable for that.

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