You won’t understand what’s going on here if you don’t understand Kant. He’s the antithesis of the modern world in various ways. He defines what their enemy is, even if they don’t know who he is. He should’ve written some plays, that way more people might know him. His style of writing is forbidding. Did you know that one can tell a farmer by their face? Maybe why some secretly prefer wearing masks in public, because they know that. You got some wheat there boy?

Anyway, the meaning of Kant as I see him is that I don’t talk to appease others. It’s “for itself”. I say how I see the situation rather than how people want the situation to be seen. You got some wheat boy?

Consequences matter though, because they’ll raise their pitchforks against you. Okay, someone accurately described what you are, I guess you’re mad.

This is all implicit in Marx, he just took the side of the farmer-genetics. Do you trust when a rabbi does that? Because I don’t, honestly.

A Jewy ruling-class and a collection of resentful peasants. Can we just get rid of both of them? That’s how I depart from Marx, and Nietzsche.

If you don’t know the Germans you don’t know anything, you know the fields and soil, that’s it. Or in the other case, the stock market and the verbal tricks involved with that.

Most of the power in the world is concentrated among people who do not exemplify what it means to be human, needless to say. The fact there are so many like them prevents them from realizing they’re a nigger.

I’ll burn all your cities to the ground. Your life is stewing in bitterness, it doesn’t matter. Black lives matter more than yours. Y’got some wheat for me boy?

Or in another case- aww, the little girl decided to grow up. No, that doesn’t happen very often. Little girls throwing tantrums is the norm. Need me to change your diapie? Too bad your mom is a whore and she can’t be there to do that for you. I’m fine changing your diaper, why else do you think I continue to post? It certainly isn’t to have a “conversation among equals”. Alright, you shit yourself again, someday you’ll be able to wear underpants.

Farmer Jebediah over here, trying to teach him the basics of multiplication.

You want to see how people see you if they don’t care how you react? Here you go. How humble you are.

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