You wouldn’t respect me if I totally escaped society and told you about my “fantasies”. This is something you aren’t supposed to say in public. It seems to be one with the nature of being in the sense that it’s more important than intellectualizing. I am still talking of a type of “form” in my experience. It’s too much for anyone to think about. A woman who isn’t braindead on her hands and knees. Then there are levels of braindead. If you are furthest away from the status quo then you are hottest. That’s just what I think about regarding a woman on her hands and knees. What is her mind like? When I was a teenager I actually fucked my couch cushions, and modern women tend to be not so different from that. Why is that element hidden from the public? I want to impregnate something that isn’t merely an object, why do you seem so much like a fleshlight. What is there to bend over? They busy themselves trying to preserve equality pretending someone like me is gay when the reality is they’re scared of questioning Jews. I’m gay in the sense that you’re all the same to me in being worthless holes. Is that perplexing to hear? I only want a real woman. None of those exist today so I might as well jerk off. You’ve needed to use bots for years and act like they’re human beings to preserve your illusions. I’m just looking for a real person who will bend over and accept their role in life. Again, this is only my fantasy that can’t be said in public. Women who are worth something. Maybe then I wouldn’t see you like an object. How valuable meat is, I love pounding that, remind me again why it is similar to jerking off. Just bend over and give me what I want, a philosopher king, which is impossible with your genetics.

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