I simply can’t imagine this happening in our bumpkin country

THIS is so possible he gives an hour and a half lecture on it?

Say what you want, this is potentially some of the highest art imaginable. Not for the canaille.

They call it the immanent incarnation of transcendent ideas – that’s what the stage is, when it’s at its best.

It makes ideas real to people when it’s happening right in front of their face. A live Socratic dialogue?? One wonders if any of the readers of Plato over the centuries ever could understand him without that.

I keep drifting off into this mood of futility where I feel like I’m yearning for the impossible, and then I do a double-take about what I just posted above and remember Badiou does this kind of thing in France! It’s potentially the pinnacle aesthetic experience when philosophy and art are synthesized. He’d probably want to throw math in there too (that’s beyond me though). Once you push thoughts of appeasing the canaille to the side lots of opportunities present themselves.

He thinks theatre is cinema with a sort of element of dance

I’ve been seeing all these people whining about Zoom for months. Imagine attending church through Zoom. Now apply that idea to watching movies instead of going to the theatre. We are far removed from immediate art.

I drew from his In Praise of Mathematics the other day- now I’m on In Praise of Theatre whose first chapter is “Defense of an Endangered Art”, which is ominous if he’s right about the above, and he does seem to be. We live in simulacra of simulacra.

People don’t care about this. My generation reminds me of those hipsters from 10 years ago, and they never grew out of it, it’s the same people, frozen in time. 80 year old hipsters they’re going to be. This isn’t their fault. If the art they were raised with had been more philosophical they wouldn’t be so bad. It’s clear they never went out of their way to adjust their cognitive diet to anything beyond the Family Guy tier, and now their neurons only fire in a detectably specific repeated pattern. They’re victims of the Maoism that seeks to make everyone mediocre, and I am a victim of them when I have to experience them.

Anyway, this is an added crazy twist to the gesamtkunstwerk

the theatre’s subjective effects are best realized by a physical mobilization of the audience which turns spectators into actors, thereby making “active” participants out of what were merely “passive” observers.

The actor Socrates turns to YOU and looks you in the eye and asks you a question? What effect would that have? Talk about aesthetic splendor. And we’ll only be able to watch this with French subtitles on youtube.

This is his rangordnung, it’s counter-intuitive- the oscillation of dance and cinema is optimal for epistemic emanation

makes the theatre uniquely disposed to the idea’s eventual emergence.

I feel like I’m a scientist in a lab looking at theatre for the first time.

I don’t like a card-carrying Maoist being a scientist of this, honestly. This is a formalization of thee technology of enlightenment, which is to say, it could be used just as easily for even more foolproof methods of brainwash. This is in line with his “mathematical Maoism”. You want to control society then why only manipulate people through screens which are just simulacra of the immediate experience of theatre, and let’s up the ante even more and make interactive theatre, then they’ll never have a chance to have free thought after that experience, preferably many experiences, preferably while young, getting the idea yet?

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