Hopping to Badiou on another artform – this is funny to me

the uncomfortable rapport, or non-rapport, between poets and philosophers is at the same time rife with ideological tensions, hidden obstacles, and as-yet-unfulfilled promises. Philosophy and poetry, in other words, are secretly triangulated by politics.

I can’t count on the poets to say this, can I. A difference between us.

I just like to give certain people presents. Sometimes they contain a shrapnel bomb, are you going to pin responsibility for that on me?

Something that’s difficult for me to understand is the idea of anyone identifying with what I’m saying when I’m at the peak of the cruelest rant imaginable. You really identify with that sometimes I think. Some people are monsters and they act totally normal in public. It’s pretty messed up. I always feel like I’m condemning all of humanity though and don’t imagine anyone relating to me when I’m in the moment. And I could never know if they do relate because obviously they’re not going to go off in public like I do.

You could define our cultural moment as paying the price for slavery, and part of paying that price is pretending a price isn’t being paid. I’m not doing that voluntarily. Their lives are a hundred times better than if they were born in Africa. And the ones who owned the boats that brought them here are in control of this debt, the ones who deserved worse than the holocaust. I’m not volunteering to alleviate any of these fabricated debts. You know what paying the price means, right? It means you’re a nigger now. Surprise! Keep pretending it’s not true. A fabricated debt, that you volunteered to relieve, and now look at the result, you’re an ape. Looks to me like you got Jewed. “You Got Mail” voice – You Got Jewed. Sorry, nigger, I can only refer to you with that word now because that’s what you are. And I’m glad some identify with this condemnation of others and have avoided that fate of turning into an ape. If there wasn’t something shady about it all you’d be able to talk about it, end of story. It’s a sneaky way to make you into a baboon and you don’t even deserve it. The only way the negro and the kike can be truly content is if all whites are dumber than a box of rocks. And we get closer to that ideal of theirs every day. If you’re one of the people that’s happy about all this, you already know I fantasize about slitting your throat, and not an hour goes by that I don’t. What do you expect, people who I could have otherwise related to intellectually are now baboons. You expect me to be happy about that? Make sure to pay the price, which does nothing, which doesn’t help the browns rise, and only makes whites more vulgar and disgusting. You Got Jewed.

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