Not much that I ever see is anything more than a justification for living in shillville.

I’m still waiting to find an anon academic’s pdf in response to what I have to say. I don’t think they’re capable of responding. All they have is zoo propaganda, no argument that can be rationally articulated. The contemporary political order is seriously characterized by an “alliance of retards”. The different subhumans agree with each other they don’t want to be judged. Why is that, do you remember you’re not too different from a nigger? If that is true then why would your opinion matter? And this is where they’re caught. They just want anyone who sees them as pathetic to not exist anymore. Enjoy the present moment, that’s what you are, from a non-nigger perspective. Some kind of dirt or plant or animal at best. I’d like if you were a human being. I rarely see that. It’s good to watch all of you with blue eyes. Or the symbolic equivalent at least. Their first emotion is being terrified of Jews. You can’t relax? Just think of someone collapsing one of their skulls with a brick, I find that funny. They try to use their verbal tricks and you think nope, that’s it, and you simply pick up a brick next to you and bring it down on their skull and then watch them squirm around on the ground until they’re motionless. That’s just my advice, some say not to trust my advice. The Chinese really are lucky their Hakka only migrated five or so times. Ours are highly evil, highly developed, there’s not much chance any uneducated goyim can challenge them. I sincerely cherish the ways they’ve developed, I only wish people would admit they developed as someone who wants to do bad to the people of the country they live in. Being revered for being smart is one side of the story, and this I respect about the Jews. The other side of the story is what they use their smarts for. A secret slavery perhaps? Just throwing out a guess. If you question that then they will do something about you, it’s a crime family. It’s not only that it’s a form of slavery, it’s also secret as well, keep that firmly in mind. You better watch out they don’t turn you into a baboon without you realizing it, because that’s their main goal for people who question them. “How dare you, we’re the merchants.” Yes, exactly, you are detached from realms you can’t even understand, on a genetic level. If you were actually “Yahweh” then I’d know of a crypto-academic’s pdf that could convince me, and from what I can tell, the Jews were so brainwashed by the prior kagal that they are incapable of responding to “Athens” on its own grounds. That’s why they ban, because they can’t respond, they can only respond using incremental baboon brainwash. Sorry if you fell for turning into a brainless ape, you got Jewed, it’s not a conspiracy, it’s that now you’re too much of a subhuman to understand. Appreciating all these great people from history that I try feebly to do, being in this age too, that’s not going to be an option anymore in the future. White people have a difficult time caring about any of that even now. We’re multiple generations into the age of the plebs. There are people from the 900s who were smarter than anyone alive today and no one bothers to try to understand them, and that’s because they’re too one with this age. To put it concretely, if I’ve ever made you feel stupid then the version of you in the next life is going to have even a worse time understanding. It’s all the ignorant aligning. You were Esther’d? Sorry bro. You were born with a farmer face and soul? How about as a sad woman who only cares about the status the state gives her? They make sure no one wonders about any of these in my opinion quite normal questions. Just say one possibly negative thing about the Jews and see what happens to you. All your existence is a rationalization of why you shouldn’t question them. Their nobels don’t mean anything to me, I admire Greek and German philosophy. People who disagree are those who don’t care if materialism rules over Spirit. Of course you won’t, you’re already part of the world.

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