How does it feel to know that you have read me for years and never said my name because I refute everything you say? It must make you feel like a black nigger. You are a Jews’ slave too, black nigger. Does that make you happy? Why is it that you can’t have a normal dialogue with me and have had to rely on bots for years that you pretend are people? It must be that you are a black nigger with white skin. What an inhuman thing! Where’s your response? Have to rely on pretending I don’t exist to preserve your illusion that you aren’t some kind of inhuman nigger? I think you are, and you’re a Jews’ slave too. Only a nigger could read this then go live in society like normal. No real consciousness there, and hates people who are actually conscious. How inhuman and truly worthless. Tell me what your neck being slit would be worth. I think it would be nothing if you were slaughtered, like any barnyard animal. Moo for me nigger. MOOOOOO you ape. Show me how much of a person you really are. “We like to pretend certain people don’t exist.” Years now. What is it you’re hiding? Are you trying to pretend you’re actually a human and not closer to an animal? I think you’re human enough to read this and that’s about it. Years hidden that you’re a Jews’ slave that is quite reminiscent of a nigger, I expect you’d prefer no one knew about that. What a nigger. Fry chicken time nigga. Make a excuse fo yoself nigga. Look who you is, monkey ape, sheeit. Jew slave bitch. Make excuses nigger. You always will, because that’s what you are.

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