This is too cool

A book on the views of the moon in antiquity. They didn’t know if it was made of ice or cloud.

They saw it this way too?

a platform from which to contemplate the Earth and, at that point, a sensory impression of our world was constructed from the Moon.

The first poet of the moon was a woman, no surprise, for many of them today it seems to have an occult significance. Then men look at it in a more scientific way.

I wonder if they thought of it as fate, since the Olympians lived in the clouds, and they were beholden to fate, and the moon was beyond the clouds.

The moon was on Achilles’ shield, with the sun and stars. I feel like a viking when I think, What did your god-man have, the cross he was nailed on? Odysseus was arguably Achilles’ “return from the dead” so Homer had that too. Christians are weaklings, that’s why the west is the way it is. Cope, slave. “Copeslave” haha. All too real. Jebediah juss wance tuh be good tuh people, tendin his digidal faaarm, minin his own bizniss, aint consarned wid no politiyiks.

The protagonist of Lucian’s Icaromenippus

learns a magical method for enhancing his eyesight and looks back down on the Earth.

He creates wings like Icarus and flies to the moon, where Zeus shows him around. Lucian’s the first European to write something like this. Menippus said it was almost too much for his eye to take in. Zeus tells him up there he wants to get rid of all philosophers. Too much for the eye to take in, hence the coping. I have a moonsickness from watching the ants too closely. They build their hills out of lies and vice.

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