Only about 11 million Greeks alive today. It would be crazy if one was reading this. What do you think about all this?

Meds are funny to me. They’re “different” in good ways and bad. They tend to be very proud people next to NW Euros. I see those who hail from the eastern deserts as Meds too. Just something funny about all of them, that’s all. Meds suffer from a coarseness, NW Euros suffer from an over-refinement. In a word, Meds don’t know manners. On the other hand, NW Euros are too prim and proper. Make sure to use the right fork when you eat you neurotic freak, and then apply that attitude to politics. People hate racism because it makes others feel like robots who follow a set programming. Uhh.. they do. The petty temper of an Irishman, no, that’s not a real thing. “I’m red in the face!” I’ve made Jews a special pet project of mine. A robot that follows a set programming? Yes, one can see that there. Any newspaper I have the misfortune to glance at you can see it. None of the Meds are coarse, don’t worry about it. The Jews could do with some refinement. They’re the proudest people of all so why would they? Through their manipulative ways they’ve enshrined their coarseness as the ideal the rest of the west should follow. No, you’re a Med, I laugh at you like I laugh at Greeks and Italians. There’s just something funny there. I put you specifically on the spot because it is your ideal that is enshrined. Perfect beings of pure light, how radiant you are. In a just world, people would be able to laugh at the overlord egregore the same way they laugh at Italians. Instead of mentioning capicola they’d probably bring up something pertaining to HUMAN SLAVERY to mock. The fact that they can’t only proves the thesis of what I suggest should be mocked. Dude let’s have some baked ziti, mama mia, instead of saying anything about the ones who have you enslaved. You are a nigger. All of Europe and the US I light on fire. You can’t say anything against your servitude so tell me what is there that’s worth saving?

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