In the megalomaniacal mood of wanting the most beautiful thing in the world. It has to be a synthesis of forms. If Badiou is right that theatre is the art that expresses the most truth, and if Finnegans Wake is the most difficult of all novels, then I want to try to better understand that novel so I can imagine how it can be most optimally adapted for the stage. We need CRISPR Beethoven for this project of course also. I like to dream, yes, yes Right between the sound machine On a cloud of sound I drift in the night. Interacting with an audience that is on post-Shulgin psychedelics. In a clear dome on the moon with the earth in view behind the stage. With all the right people.

Everyone knows the movie A Clockwork Orange. The novel is so much different, it’s packed with jargon, a slang called Nadsat that was invented, consisting of “Russian, Rommany and rhyming”. The author of that novel also wrote books on Joyce. In the way I trust the playwright Badiou to tell me about theatre, I trust a novelist to help me understand a novel.

He began this book on Joyce in January the year after A Clockwork Orange was published.

He says the average reader resents the cunning of the labyrinth-maker. That’s probably the main obstacle, and I’ve been guilty of that myself. I want the most beautiful thing in the world, so I’ve gotten over it.

It’s a matter of folk-wisdom that “the book is better than the movie”. So much beauty is lost in the mutation. This is peak-rangordnung thinking here. The novel is the best version of “the story”. The stage is the best version of the experience of “the story”. So how to cross those two perfectly is the question.

All the political implications that follow from this sort of thinking! Hamilton, the banker’s boy, a “rap musical” written by a Puerto Rican, and using browns as actors for the founders. What trash! And a vision of the future it is. One is not allowed to make this distinction between types of art, and the souls they shape. Our actual founders had to have been plebs to have led to this. Imagine being one of the Jebediahs who’s teary-eyed in his admiration for the founders. Hamilton is the level most of the musty media is on in the typical unventilated hamster ball people roll around in, that’s the level of art people are used to breathing, and they’re happy with that zog-smog. The hamsters themselves begin to exude it from their pores and stink up the hamster ball globe.

Hopefully your windows are sealed tight

The sense of taste of an Eminem wigger is the future for whites, might as well go out and buy a do-rag early, FOO.

in the deeper dream of Finnegans Wake the unity of human history depends on the simultaneous existence of all its periods. But, in the interests of economy, one man and one woman must play many parts.

I’ll leave the ghetto synthesis part for you coons to play.

Ah I’m smelling freshly picked lilacs right now. Modern people do NOT smell like this. I symbolically offer them to Penelope as a reminder.

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