You don’t find something like this in many forms of media

It is strongly recommended that the serious student undergo a course of some kind of psychotherapeutic treatment before proceeding too far with these practices.

This is Regardie’s favorite book he wrote on the Golden Dawn and Crowley. He claims there is a precise science one can learn to travel on the astral plane. This lucid realm of the spiritual world corresponds to the ninth Sephirah, Yesod. I began reading a Scholem book on Kabbalah and got bored and turned to this one. Occultism itself might seem like woo until you visit one of these higher planes of being yourself and realize they’re real. Regardie describes this plane as a fourth-dimensional electro-magnetic æther which contains the builder’s plan.

A clue as to why you might end up in an insane asylum

it will be perceived to extend far beyond Yesod to include Tipharas, the house of the Soul, even to the edge of the Abyss.

In Leary’s language, Yesod is only second-circuit

Materialists who eat alpo with their face will never travel to these planes.

Many such cases

more and more contaminated, its filth hanging over mankind like a toxic death-dealing shroud. In the books of the Qabalah the constituents of this poisonous pall are likened to the Qliphos or the excremental shells of the lowest grades of existence.

They taint the psychic field. You’re not even supposed to talk about Kabbalah to these types of bestial creatures. Secularists who don’t grasp normal religion won’t understand the meaning of any of these concepts.

I just wanted to briefly remind the purer lightbeings out there about these planes, because they’re easy to forget

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