Of course I can’t find the article cited here on google

Maybe I’ll “find myself” in Norse mythology more than from the Olympians. Wisdom and independence are a couple of their highest virtues. Welp, I’m a genetic robot myself.

Viking time-traveling paranormal werewolf romances I’m finding, obviously.

Aha, one that was destroyed by the Allies after the war. Only translated into English a few years ago.

He distinguishes this ethos from Judea and Rome from the outset.

Note that the same people who dismiss “Odinism” as larping are the same people who are happy being the slaves of Jews.

If you think of the concept of “bards” we can never really know how far back Homeric and Norse mythology really go. It could be 12,000 years, and we could have only been Christian for 2000. Or in the case of Scandinavians, only Christian for around 1000 years. So essentially it could be a foreign belief-system that doesn’t truly fit with the people. “Don’t bother us, we’re just chillin in the cold away from YOU!”

I wonder if they’d allow you to live in society if you grasped the true essence of all this

Obviously I don’t trust books on this that were written after 1945.

This was what Wagner’s dramas were based on, and guess whose favorite he was?

Tolkien called Gandalf an “Odinic Wanderer” – if you’re one of those people who’s crazy about The Lord of the Rings then this old religion might strongly resonate with you. They don’t allow real Gandalfs in our culture. Odin is the god of magic and of poetry- the sort of magic of my previous post pertaining to ætheric planes. Do you like how someone is saying this to you just dead serious? People really think “muggles” aren’t a thing. Yes, they are, and The Plan is for everyone to be one, aren’t you excited? Please outwardly celebrate that in public you prostitute.

Anyway, just slowly doing “detective work” and trying to find clues about “the perfect book” on this subject, which I’m sure they’ve buried.

Odin corresponds to Varuna of the Hindus, the god of the brahmin caste.

He’s the keeper of sacred knowledge and secret lore.

They really try to stigmatize him in our culture. Probably why I’ve always drifted toward Zeus, because the mob lives in my mind too.

Everyone knows Thor. He corresponds to the Hindu kshatriya, or warrior, caste. He’s like Achilles or Ajax.

Blue-eyed brahmin Odinists are the devil to them. Enemy number one, sincerely.

Meh, Dumezil’s study (1959) is pretty good, I’m still looking for one from Atlantean times though.

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