Carlyle on Odinists

the men whose blood still runs in our veins, whom doubtless we still resemble in so many ways.

I see this in an 1835 study (heh heh heh). You need to be a Loki to figure out how to understand Loki. Dionysus, Prometheus, Mercury, Satan, all similar to Loki.

This study was written by one of the Brothers Grimm, someone who knows his folklore.

This is in line with the theme of “half of the spirit of Europe being suffocated”. Learning how to breathe during the reign of the Ost-Juden. Oh how I’d love to cut one down the middle from the top of the head with a battle-ax.

I like this Grimm

his indignation at any poaching Celt or Slav who has spirited away a mythic being that was German born and bred

Say it with me- some mythic beings you’re not allowed to emulate in modern times. Sure, I can understand you want to take away the ax-murderer ones. Mythic beings which involve knowledge, those are the ones that more interest me. We need a Winckelmann to remind us of some of the old times of Europe.

The title of this is Deutsche Mythologie and in Grimm’s time is was usual to think of the English and Dutch as being German.

for the English are simply a branch of the Low German race which happened to cross the sea.

Did you think it was odd that Carlyle the Scot said what he did above?

One big happy family. It probably isn’t healthy if there are mythic beings who you identify with most that you aren’t allowed to see as Ideal. That’s called state-enforced self-loathing. I feel like I’m hated by my own family for liking some of these mythic beings. White people are weird. So prim and proper, give me a break. “Heathen!” I like the mythic beings that would hold a Jew up to a wall by the neck, you don’t?

Five hundred years after Christ, but few nations of Europe believed in him; after a thousand years the majority did, and those the most important, yet not all

Notice how I’m always lamenting about how women, being slaves of the state, will avoid you if you don’t subscribe to the mythic beings of the state? They try to get rid of you that way, they try to get rid of those mythic beings that way. It’s been pretty effective, if you notice the tumbleweeds of the west. No alarms and no surprises. Some kowtow to the status quo just for the pussy and never really change who they are except in appearance. That’s how “atavisms” survive to the present day.

Some people out there are starved, because no media is made that expresses the nature of some of these mythic beings. That’s what old books are for.

This was prior to the 1200s

kings and princes traced their lineage back to individual gods

Some from Finland and Lithuania didn’t convert to Christianity until the 1600s.

Note, if you are a prog I still consider you as being a Christian convert. “I hate the church!” It doesn’t matter, you’re a Christian. The lame kind too that doesn’t take a whip to the money-changers. Progs are the easiest elements of Christianity manifest one could say. No real sacrifice, let alone martyrdom. Nonetheless, you might have a mixture of deities within you. Some Christ, some Dionysus, some Hestia, some Prometheus, that you have to suppress in order to wear your “person costume” which consists of a type of Hermes superego controlling a vulgarized Christ.

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