Smelling my lilacs again, which I kept on my desk, I reflect on how there is something primordial about giving a woman flowers. You give them to her because you think she’s beautiful. There isn’t much of that in the modern world. You get to give wilted flowers to ugly souls.

Why did Jesus return from the dead? I think many people today could learn from that.

If you want to be the kind of person where I look you in the eye and push a bouquet of flowers into your chest in admiration of you then you cannot have all the standard beliefs.

Beauty deserves beauty one could say. Certain women deserve a bouquet.

Not many of them. I smell my lilacs and remember.

“They’re all too dead to be flowers!”

They weren’t beautiful in the first place then.

“We need to keep you out of public debate because you reveal the fact that most women don’t deserve a bouquet” is their foundational belief.

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