Taking a glance at another obscure writer who was influential during the Renaissance, the one from the other day who wrote a story about flying to the moon, Lucian. Author of over 80 works, Ἀληθῶν Διηγημάτων is his most well-known, being regarded as the first sci-fi in history. Born in 125 AD near the banks of the Euphrates his writings are said to be so sarcastic they’re difficult to understand. Another reason for difficulty is that many of the works he references didn’t survive to the modern day- he does also parody philosophers, poets, historians, gods, and heroes that we’re familiar with though.

I want to be even more mentally distant from the modern world, that’s why he interests me. He has one dialogue where he has Zeus sell various philosophers off in a slave-market, that’s funny. He inspired many of the great minds of history and he’s virtually unknown today so I’m trying to get a bird’s-eye-view of him given how prolific a writer he was. First I see a “postmodern” secondary text on him- no thanks. What immediately strikes me is that even in the second century people were more advanced than the third world still is today. If you’re an unhappy person it could possibly be because, with leveling, our cultural ethos is like taking a time machine back to pre-history. A sorry lot of niggers. It’s convenient to live life like an animal, that’s why many whites show no resistance to the retardization process. No Ideal above, and no soul within. Might as well be a nothingness there instead of a person. Unfortunately those things are able to talk and annoy “us” and convince others to be like them. Dirtniggerlife, I want to put an apple in your mouth and throw a pigroast using your body for all who wish to attend. When will they let me write articles for the New York Times? People think it isn’t possible to flush society down the toilet. No, it is possible, and it has indeed been flushed. That’s where we are, somewhere down in the sewer system. Well, that’s where YOU are, and I’m just watching you there. Hopefully it’s just the US that is like this, otherwise you’d be lying to say life is worth living. Maybe I should learn French and move to France. Anyone who can’t recognize the baboon “culture” here is part of it. I’m reading about the second century currently and I’d rather live then – what’s that tell you? Life truly isn’t worth living in the US, I’m surprised the suicide-rate isn’t much much higher. People are good at living in a delusion I guess. The women don’t deserve flowers and the men are weak slaves. It’s shocking there aren’t a thousand times more murder-suicides. It’s an eyebrow-raiser the percent of people who play video games- I suppose many literally live in a fantasy world instead of thinking about the political reality. Look at all this bloodmoney I have, do you “love” me now? No one ever says anything against any of it either. I think people are really cold about children. They don’t care if the cycle repeats. Yes, if you look at nigger culture, children aren’t cared about there either. We are expected to be Jewish in economics and niggers in family life. And have a weepy woman attitude to politics. No thanks, you’re all subhumans. If I had nuclear bombs I’d drop them on a few major US cities. Really tell me why you’re alive. I don’t think people tend to have a real answer to that. Just some excuse to pretend the meaninglessness isn’t there. Art is bad, in politics you’re silenced, love is lust, real “Gandalfs” aren’t allowed, thus no wise old men to emulate, one is only allowed to make statements regarding taste if it doesn’t offend a coon, it’s only expected to all get worse as the years go on. If you don’t see all this it’s because you’re part of it.

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