That Straussian Dante book is so tongue-in-cheek in certain places

We do not know how they personally resolved the problem of the discrepancy between their knowledge and their religious beliefs and we do not need to be overly concerned about it. That was, after all, their own business. The question does not even arise for us who live at a time when “critical science” has finally brought an end to superstition, and barbarism has yielded to “civilized humanity.” Consequently, nothing compels us to take seriously what they would have to say on the subject.

Dante puts the pagan Ripheus in heaven, while he consigns his own guide Virgil to hell.

The secularists today want every last “pagan” without exception going to their version of hell. I still can’t get over how baboons who believe they’re civilized humanity visit this site. Why aren’t you in your jungle, go now. Writers like the above know about this, they just don’t directly mock them. No, you don’t have any superstitions at all you dumb ape. Some have received my chastisement for who knows, years in some cases probably, about needing to read non-modern books, and still haven’t, thus they must live in a cladistic Harry Potter universe of sorts, so the only language they can understand is that they’re muggles, mudbloods. Does that resonate with you, grown adult? Like I said, I perceive myself as speaking to those who have already mostly been flushed down the toilet, and I don’t have much hope of them rising out of there. Millennials were born somewhere down in the sewer system, they didn’t have a chance at all. Are you a certain Golden Dawn grade where you did happen to escape that? I doubt it. A shiftiness between the two worlds, if anything. Slavery has been chosen, and all I have is my sadness about that, and you’re not worth it. The sewage should just be forgiven and accepted for what it is. They thought they could play these games, only to realize that it is their nature to like being flushed. And now you can live joyously with all the rest of the waste. Yes, ~civilized~ is what I’d call that. Festering corpses, of a fetid malodorous swamp, those are the conditions of the curse when you bless them. Do you even realize that speaking to these kinds of people–who wants to talk with someone like that? You didn’t take my advice a few months ago to seek shelter and now you are a nigger. They disappear anyone who makes you doubt whether that is a good thing, and thus you believe it is, arrivederci. You can’t settle for a blowup doll, and you want a warm hole, I see how it is. So much of “political conviction” revolves around that. You prefer one of the Jews’ whores to telling the truth, I get it. That makes you a type of nigger, that’s all. What an empty life. So empty I feel empty even mocking such a low creature. Is this why you visited here, to hear that? This is the only esotericism site on the planet probably. Too much for the baboon eye to take in, truly. How sad it makes me that this cannot be read and laughed with, and the copium oxygen tank has to be brought in instead. Feeling incredibly alone, in a world of baboons? Who, me? There were plenty of shills during the time of Trump- that has simply increased beyond imagination since Biden. You accept the political order rather than reality. I told you there are shelters. Lucian earlier? If your only friends are non-old books and the fools they allow to flourish on social media you are just accepting the shill-life that the world requires of you (supposedly). How many different ways do I have to say it? If you conform to their demands you are going to resemble a third-worlder more and more. Consciousness has dissipated to such a degree already that “alerts” of the kind that I give can only be hated by the baboons. It wasn’t always like that, people had ideals in times I can remember. Those they systematically obscure. They want you to be a baboon who doesn’t even realize you are one. I’m not exaggerating! There’s not much hope. And as cheesy as it might sound, I do think it all revolves around wanting to give a particular woman flowers. When those don’t exist, the men start to get nihilistic themselves. There’s really no point in life besides finding a loyal hole and getting rich. Once again, many of us were already born into this time. Valuable women are good to have in society because they motivate men more to do great things. When it’s all hoes then guys kind of just resort to a sort of materialist pragmatism. Dugin a while back actually said that people like me are destined to be alone. Yeah, Athena and Hera and the rare Jenny are the ones who inspire me. All the feminists and prostitutes are pretty demoralizing though. “Good! We don’t want you to question our whorehouse.” Baboons can only read this and make excuses why being a Jew’s slave is a good thing. They didn’t take shelter and now their fate is to reincarnate into a bastard. They didn’t take shelter because they already were one. Make some excuses, this is how one thinks and talks in order to hover away from the demotic regime.

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