Trying to think more constructively for my little sister instead of banishing her. It’s probably too taboo a subject to bother googling MDMA therapy in the age of Tinder. It’s used to treat trauma, and I’m not sure if it will be that specific given that most are still in the denial stage, including the therapists themselves if I had to guess. The universalization of the hippie ethos was a mistake, and people suffer from it. Of course one of the first studies I find is on entheogenic therapy for POC who were traumatized by “racialization”. You could think of this as accelerationist therapy, and like I said the other day, people have problems that aren’t going to be helped when the doctors exist on the reservation, thus I don’t expect to find any ultra-specific studies, though I will look. Do they have specific therapists for gamers for instance? Can’t imagine it. A #meetoo advocate type giving them advice? Not going to work.

The situation is pretty dismal. I’m just looking for a cure in extreme places. Being able to defuse the ego’s defenses is going to be crucial. Is there something “scary-sounding” about that? Sort of, yeah, in the wrong hands, etc. This is a Herculean task, to mend atomization, the rising divorce rates, the declining birth rates. Just thinking of it scientifically. Obviously I want to plant C4 on the sacred monument since everything stems from that- we can still talk about more surface cures though. Those romance novels I posted about? Life doesn’t happen like that, that’s why they’re so popular, because people want their life to be that way. And when life isn’t like those novels, I would characterize that as something traumatic. Not watching your friends die around you during war traumatic, still it’s some type of trauma. One people tend not to like to be vulnerable enough to speak about. Hence the value of entheogens. You have no problem being vulnerable on those. Grug, the male id, has also been on the prowl since the hippies, so the problem isn’t only “the hoes”. I’m willing to consider extreme options. Such as distinct boys and girls schools. Because as a teenager I definitely damaged certain women simply because I wanted to screw them. People just aren’t mature enough at that age. The reason some of them are 100 bodies in from tinder, if I had to guess, was because they were traumatized at a young age and gave up hope. That’s “the new normal”.

It was only a few years ago this was granted breakthrough therapy status

This is someone who found the body of one of their parents who had killed themselves. So feel lucky you have your kind of trauma, because it’s probably not as bad as that. Still, I bet it’s in a similar ballpark for many people, and they’re often in denial. Our ancestors didn’t have tinder, you’re just a guinea pig, and from where I’m looking the experiment failed. Think people won’t have denial about that? In our culture of “non-judgment” people can’t be seriously treated. Because what I’m presupposing here flies in the face of some of the basic tenets of women’s “emancipation”. Emancipated to be traumatized…? You mean when Grug pretended to love you just because he wanted to fuck you? All those times? The secret reason they hated Trump was because of all the Brads who did that to them. Young Trump did seem to have his Grug side, admittedly.

This article is candid in saying it can involve a “bad trip”. If you want an emotional breakthrough this is an “accelerationist” way toward that. Otherwise it could possibly take years. The ego is that good at what it does. That’s what’s tended to make me mad, that I show them how being a hippie actually makes them miserable and they just up the ante because they can’t get over their own ego. Women these days are so lost they keep getting banged by strangers even when they’re pregnant. That kid is going to be fucked up and it’s your fault. This is from tolerating black culture. Kids are going to be traumatized because of the trauma of the tinder women. How bad things really are is that no one ever talks about this. They don’t bring up sluts because that reduces their hole options. Real honor there. All the worst kinds of people are schmoozed- these are the only ones they allow in public.

Of course I’m not finding studies that directly speak to the ordinary traumatized person’s concerns. They cure Iraq War veterans’ PTSD with MDMA so they could probably help you. Again, it depends on the therapists who guide the sessions. Personally, I don’t plan to put myself in a vulnerable state around zog-cogs. That’s called voluntary brainwash. I’m trying to dream a new kind of therapy into existence. In better times, not many years ago, we used to joke about “sloppy seconds”- today it’s sloppy hundredths and it’s not much of a joke anymore. Life is meaningless with those conditions. Sorry I’m concerned about people “being able to love again” after years of sleeping with multiple strangers per month. It’s looking pretty grim. Maybe entheogen-based therapy can help. The real problem is the belief-system that leads to that situation. People look forward to no more masks so they can have a “slut summer” and the status quo attitude is to perceive them as “strong and independent” for that. Really that’s just the female version of Grug that has been enshrined as the new superego. Civilization is disintegrating and all they can do is live in denial. Women with kids want to be gangbanged because having kids takes away from their sacred “independence”. Who in their right mind would think there’s meaning to be found in a world like that? Even if gangbanging is an exaggeration that’s similar to how they are when feminism is the norm. They see me as a devilman for talking about all this, that’s why I expected not to find any studies on it, and haven’t. This is indistinguishable from “white supremacy” to talk like this. You think people in the ghetto are happy? That’s the path whites are on the way toward, and many are already living in that condition. They’re all so far gone they’ll probably read this and merely remember MDMA exists and that they should take it with them to the club when they’re out looking for some dick. “Found out!” Whatever, sounds like a thoroughly clownworld life to me.

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