One of the more distant reasons why we have our belief-system is because the Dutch and British plundered countries overseas for centuries. We’re still paying for that. Even if you’re not of those particular descents it’s seen as a “white responsibility” collectively. For this some might say criminal activity, among others, is the reason they had the highest literacy rates among Europeans initially.

Which brings me to my next subject- the Kabbalah. The Talmudists were plundering people way before the Dutch and British. I’m not accusing them (at the moment), I only want to suggest that the spiritual system they developed using that gold possibly is golden in the positive sense in certain ways.

On the hermetic qabbala

the foundation for most of the teachings of Western magic from the Renaissance up to the present day.

They realized what I say and they converted it into a system for goyim.

You can call this a Marxist reading of it. They used their surplus wealth, thus free time, to create a most refined spiritual discipline.

And they kept it out of the sight of the dirty illiterate peasant goyim until recently.

I love to remind you that “you’re not going to hear this in a course on the philosophy of religion”. And what is that exactly? Christian peoples have a unique opportunity to appropriate the Kabbalah, because they do not have the burden of Talmudist blood. All Jews can use it for is their evil and their desire to exploit and degrade non-Jews. We can adjust their system to our Christian(ish) morality. So many of the esotericists have brought it into their thinking, and in our age of scientism people tend to overlook it. All that treating goyim like cattle, that’s the best thing it led to, it culminated in that.

It’s so funny to me I type in “talmud zohar” on z-library and no results, no studies on that. It’s because Judaism continues to be a hidden religion, in multiple ways. They want you to think of the “Old Testament”. No, the Talmud was the dominant text, one might say it was the political side of Judaism, while the Zohar was the spiritual side, which was subservient to the Talmud. This is why you see white mystics appropriating one and not the other. I can just casually talk about this stuff and know there’s next to nothing like it in print. If you’ve ever hated me then you might know how an Orthodox rabbi feels, because all I do every day is basically reveal the secrets of Judaism. Does that make you angry? Alright, then we know what religion you are. You are not an Athenian. For as elaborate a system is, it does not permit Athenians into it. Think of the Sefirot, the sapphires. This is important so listen. That itself is one sapphire and it cannot synthesize with the opposite sapphire. The Greeks are their own kind of “Kabbalah” and the Jewish one cannot adequately respond to it with their own so they have to use their Talmudist material ways to silence it.

All this to say that even a stonecold Nazi like me can appreciate the spiritual side of Judaism when it is detached from the corruption known as the Talmud.

Again, a book for the “lightbeings”.

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