You can’t even respond to me directly. That makes your opinion invalid. Why can’t you directly respond to any of my questions? You can only reply in your own mind, why is that? This is a digital gulag you decide to keep me in because you are a subhuman. I recognize you as that. It’s clear. You are some of the unthinking matter that wants to keep self-awareness hidden. That’s a nigger type. How does it feel? You’re a minion of the morons. Some kind of sweeper in a jumpsuit that has to make sure everything is clean and no one wonders about “subhumans”. Ahahah Nigger! Keep sweepin boy. Maybe Lincoln is an illusion of yours and slavery never ended after him, sort of like the French Revolution? You’re still very similar to a plantation black. All equal slaves, except unequal relative to the Jews. One of my favorite cases is seeing Irish outbursts and realizing they hate the fact the British enslaved them only to be enslaved in a different way now. It’s proof the British were right to enslave you, because that’s your nature. Some type of zoo ape. And all this can be said of the Irish when how many races didn’t have 1/1000th of a Joyce? The Ellis Island niggers are helping this regime all too much. You are not a Mexican, you are a human being! Or sorry I forgot to say “European”. Alliance of Europe, Russia, Iran against ZOG, that would be a work of art in reality. We all have our different idea of what something above ZOG looks like and we can’t say it, why? We have so many more numbers than them. People are so sad they promise Jews they’ll fuck niggers and spread the message of lobotomy being good. You are a sellout and a future nigger. You are a Jews’ slave, what reality are you living in? What’s worst from Europe they’ve allowed to speak, since after people realized they needed to be holocausted, they also sympathize with third world savages. Niggers control society now, because that’s what a Jew is, and WW2 through armed conflict settled that subhumans should tell others what to do using weapons and murder. Jews, you have an ancient book, a medieval book, the Germans outdid you and ever since then you had to make excuses for your Moshiach. You are a totalitarian people, you’re as bad as the Chinese. You want everyone to be stupid in the future, isn’t that your explicit political message, or is it only explicit now?

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